Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Sweet Period

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  1. First Stever. And I Love Stever, Stever’s Gay Lover, etc.

  2. The fuck?

  3. Ryan, what’s wrong with throwing down a towel instead of throwing it in? It was Valentine’s day.

  4. Yeah really Ryan?! Blood can be so fucking sexy… mmmm…..

  5. You boys couldn’t POSSIBLY understand why chocolate makes a girls day during their period or right before. Hormones are going apeshit, all we want to do is have sex and eat chocolate and salt.

  6. So, if men eat a lot of vegan organic chocolate, we can all have a great period? Who knew? BJ’s were the answer all along.

  7. The Beast Among Us

    Looks like quality chocolate, although there’s a smudge on the package near the top right.

  8. “Hope you have a good period”?!

    Dude, just write down “I bought you chocolates, you’rE on your period… We both know this means you owe me a few BJs.”, you’re thinking it already.

  9. If states you’re on your period, it’s less likely anyone will rape you. Now.

  10. I’m not queasy about poking a bloody womb hole. Most spunk buckets are bleeding by the time I’m finished with them anyway.

  11. Imamofo you know what they say about guys who brag about it right? Weiners smaller than a AAA battery. With that said, I’m sorry for your disability.

  12. Mel, Don’t be so ridiculous!

    I wasn’t suggesting that they’d be internally bleeding due to the size of my cock!? My chauvinism isn’t so warped that my sense of masculinity is wrapped up in the proportionate size of my pork steak.

    They’d be bleeding because I punched them in the fucking mouth to shut them up.

  13. Imamofo so what you’re saying is you don’t get many girlfriends.

  14. You’d be surprised Mel, there are fucking shitloads of milk sacks out there with low self esteem issues.

  15. Imamofo “shitloads”, so you’re saying you like anal. I get it. Blech….well, at least you’re not trying to procreate.

  16. Mel, I hear and acknowledge your use of prototypical feminist shaming language. ‘You have a small penis, you don’t have a girlfriend, you can’t procreate.’ etc etc ad nauseam.

    To which my response is thus: ‘I bet your cunt fucking reeks.’

  17. Imamofo awh bless your heart. You know how they say, “The truth hurts.”? Is that why you’re feeling ill and being so defensive?

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  19. BorderlineDane

    Dude, your balls called…they miss you

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