Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Air It Out!

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  1. I bet she spits a lot when she says all that out loud.

  2. People like her and the “Broke Ass Bastard” should not be having kids in the first place. And I bet she’d spell the word condom wrong even if she was looking at it.

  3. Bitch doesn’t know what a condom is. Thats her anchor baby.

  4. A tatt and a tittle.

  5. necrophiliac64258

    Damn I wish I was retarded so I can understand what they are talking about.

  6. My cat walkin’ across the keyboard made more sense than Becky.

  7. I love seeing these fucking dumb single mothers complain about how their baby daddy is a deadbeat and doesnt support her and was just a sperm donor. Bitch, you chose to have sex with him and not be protected against an unwanted pregnancy, so you’re just a sperm collector!

    I see white single moms on facebook complain about this and then talk about how pissed they are Obama won… you are a single mother with no job, so if you are against Obama and not rich from the lotto or a scam, you’re a racist who simply thinks that Obama only helps minority leechers, rather than all leechers

  8. ^ If they just practiced your sexual methods, they wouldn’t need condoms or handouts.

  9. Hold my tittles and watch this…

  10. With pleasure. 8)

  11. and now all the other kids reading this can see just how fucked up his mother is. It’s gotta be embarrassing for him. On teh other hand, all his friends might think she’s like super duper kook cuz she’s such a leet hacker!

  12. *kool…Whatever…it’s relative, either way…

  13. The word “relative” has a special place in mommy’s heart, relatively speaking.

  14. Does it have anything to do with “uncle” bob? Cause, ya know, I’ve heard stories about them when they were younger.

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