Friday, April 6, 2012

A Tiny Problem

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  1. BeboStunnah2kai12


  2. More like SHE needs a new boyfriend.

  3. More like THEY need new neighbors.

  4. If they’re pretty sure it’s just sex noises, this is pretty funny. But if they honestly think that someone is being abused, it was stupid to leave a note. If there is abuse, he’ll just be careful to keep her quieter and it will continue. If they go ahead and call the police and it turns out to be just sex noises, I’m sure the embarrassment will solve the problem.

  5. so to summarise, ramen, your position is – call the cops…glad i’m not your neighbour

  6. If I honestly thought someone was being abused, yup. Unless you’re abusing someone you have nothing to worry about. In fact, you’ll love me as a neighbor! I’ll bring you muffins and cakes. Nah I wouldn’t that’s a lie. But I would call the cops if someone was trying to kill you. Just doing my neighborly duty.

  7. Are you serious ramen? You have nothing to worry about if youre not abusing someone? Because innocent people never get arrested? More and more cases are happening where I am completely shocked that charges were even brought against someone. You arent supposed to be able to arrest someone or charge someone just because you think they may have done something wrong, there is supposed to actually be concrete evidence. Lately I have seen cases where there may be a chance that the person is guilty, but there is an equal or even greater chance that they arent. People are so quick to judge, so desperate to feel superior, that innocent people are being railroaded everyday. Do some research about the DA’s and prosecutors and police who dont care what evidence says, who will hold back evidence, and convict innocent people just to get a conviction. This is a very serious problem and it will continue to get worse.

  8. Calm down ruckingfetard. I have actually never called the police in my life and I agree that people often call the police over some really stupid crap. See the post above this. I’m sure people who are friends with her on Facebook are probably talking about calling child services on that girl simply because she’s flipping off the camera and wearing a somewhat revealing outfit in front of a baby. I have relatives who had a woman come to their house to investigate a child abuse call because they had spanked their son. I completely agree with you. I wouldn’t accuse someone of a crime lightly. But if I honestly thought that someone was being abused, dang right I’m going to call the police. That’s why I said in my first comment that this note is funny if they actually believe it’s just sex noises. But if they really think that someone is being harmed, then call the police. Yes, innocent people have been arrested. But innocent people have also been killed because people were too scared to call the police.

  9. They are some real paranoid stoners on here today. It’s the fuzz man, I know it.

  10. travisthemoonstar

    reminds me of the notes i always left for my upstairs neighbor. for the record the guy was a drug dealer and was in and out at all hours running up and down the stairs and slamming doors at 3 am. i called the super, called the cops. to make a long story short he moved out in the middle of the night, owned 3 months in back rent, and did $8,000 of damage to the apartment. i knew something was wrong with him when he moved in. he was moving in DURING the super bowl…

  11. I don’t know who’s gonna give in first, the girl, or the guy who keeps trying to stick it in her ass. No wonder she’s screaming…

  12. Cap’n that bloodcurdling scream might be the man because SHE might be trying to tie him down and stick it in his arse.

  13. Fyi #7, you’re on the wrong site. is down the hall to your right.

  14. Wow, you guys are getting kind of boring. No offense.

  15. Fair point DC, I bet a lot of men would scream like a woman if they had something rammed up their bum for the first time…

  16. Extremely bad luck with hookers? Man girls?

  17. ^fuck off back to the suburbs, bogan.
    ‘man girls’. what kind of sheltered cardigan-wearing fucktard says that?
    yeah, 1985 called and they want their nice, safe, solid hetero gender roles back.
    fuck you.

  18. Hookers exist? I thought they were just a myth that a fat bloke dreamt up when he couldn’t get laid the conventional way by plying women with drink. BTW did you mean ladyboy instead of mangirl?

  19. Hey look crusty . Ms is still stuck in his backwards derOgatory ways and hasn’t moved on. Maybe he was the said bloke?

    As for solid hetro wrong with that? Anyone with a brain ms would realize being gay is an evolutionary dead end. Now you might be a cunt but I do think you have a brain in there and realize it. Them again maybe being gay exists to jeep them outta the gene pool in accordance with dawinism.

  20. *keep, *Darwinism, *please don’t breed, DamageControl.

  21. ^too late.
    He claims to already have sired 4 knuckle-dragging little window-lickers. Terrifying thought, no?
    I can safely say that he will probably spit out a bunch more of tomorrow’s criminals, because in ausfailure they pay bogans $5000 to spawn kids. True story.

  22. ^We’re doomed.

  23. tell me about it. it’s because .au is jammed full of cretins like damagedcortex that they took the guns away from us.
    and next we’ll have to use safety scissors, too :/

  24. If anyonea going to be dangerous with a gun it’d be you ms. I honestly think you’d shoot yourself in the foot before anything else? Funny how you think that anyone that has balls to give it back to you becomes a knuckle dragger or a dickhead isn’t it. Sounds like someone hates having an opponent.
    Hypocrite much?

  25. shit, with a retort like that, DC, you’re gonna leave MsAnne reeling. don’t you think you’ve gone a bit far? she’s probably crying right now, wondering how it all came to this.

  26. What I’m really I’m wondering is how the stupid fucker imagines himself to be ‘an opponent‘. Opponent.

  27. Blood-curdling screams and running down the stairs in the middle of the night? I want to go to that place, because that’s where the real party is! Either the really good hallucinogens are being used there, or the dude is hung like a horse or has two penises or soemething. I want to watch that party.

  28. Do you imagine the double penises where his nippys are suppossed to be like I do? That would be baller. Imagine the possibities!

  29. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    beatusmongous *Join that party.

  30. henceforth all ass letters will be signed “thanks a million”. too, wtf are you guys all crying about in here? I want an opponent and I won’t stop being boring and offended until I get one. ooooh or a nemesis! I’ve never had one of those either. I hope you guys can work it out though. I hate to see made up issues go unresolved. – Thanks a million.

  31. Dukey, I like to watch. I’m a voyeur.

  32. you guys ever suck a dick before? cause ya’ll are suckin dick right now.

  33. Are by chance related to that sisqo fella, sisqi?

  34. why ToTheFlames, you lookin’ for a blowie?

  35. #32 you seem left out and upset.go join the upstairs neighbors and get some

  36. @33 – huh uh.

  37. Are you dickin’ with me? uh uh, or uh huh?

  38. neither. i didn’t mean uh uh or uh huh, i meant huh uh. that’s right bitch THATS NOT A TYPO I SAID IT NOW READ IT AND WEEP HUH UH! Now back to the topic at hand. who the hell is sisqo?

  39. Sisqo is just some nignog that wanted to be famous, and since that wasn’t a typo, rather the sound a bitch makes when she swallows…get back on your knees and finish me off, fluffer!

  40. it isn’t in the fluffer’s job description to finish you off.
    now you’re gonna get the union down on your ass.

  41. FINE! Then send that fucking slag wearing leggings over, she’s too daft to join the fucking union! I’ll gag that bitch proper and then feed her to the sharks!

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