Thursday, May 16, 2013

Coming Out

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  1. Condensation.

  2. Congratulations.

  3. Listen to me as loud as you possibly can. I don’t care.

  4. This is set-up

  5. Its clever and amusing. ^You are all just fucking annoying arseholes with no sense of humour

  6. I’m guessing the OP started with the word ‘bi-scentual’ and worked their way backwards.

  7. I’m guessing the OP is just an immature, attention seeking, drama queen whore.

  8. Frankie, that’s how most jokes are written.

  9. #8 No it’s knot, you start from the beginning and it’s smooth sailing right to the end. Wait I take that bake joke writing is rougher than I thought.

  10. That was a joke?

  11. ^ I didn’t say anything about the quality of the joke.

  12. I guess my joke was too crumby.

    Get it crumby and in the other comment I used bake instead of back? I fucking brilliant!

  13. Must be some delicious and effective brownies.

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