Thursday, February 4, 2016

A True Crime

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  1. The imagination is a wonderful thing. What other stories of crime and/or passion have you dreamt up?

  2. Very funny if its true! The guys a genius!
    Very possible too. Just checked (yes, I’ve no life), there’s a Frankston in Melbourne, Australia, (very close to the sea/ east side of the harbour). Also a fish and chip shop about 5 mins walk away from the very small, open platform train stop. Also a station stop before and after that station, both about 5 mins ride away. Plausable I’d say, but then again this is Lamebook.

  3. Google it. It’s been proven to be a hoax. People will believe anything.

  4. “This current version doesn’t really have a tag,” Fields said, referring to what Americans call a punchline. “It used to end, ‘…and the train took off with the birds inside. Then the bloke pulled out another pack of fish ‘n chips and started eating,” Field said. “[Maurie] said ‘Lucky they were only after my wife’s dinner’.”

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