Friday, October 16, 2009



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  1. I just lol’d.

  2. Squirrel pizza is
    not a very tasty dish.
    Wait, I’ve missed something…

  3. made me laugh~ 🙂

  4. @ big wiggly style

    Made it worth reading these comments! lol

  5. it’s funny because she didn’t see that it was a squirrel.

    it’s kind of obvious.

  6. HE didnt know it was a squirrel? Keith is generally a dude’s name, dumbass.

  7. I’ve always wanted to choke a squirrel to see if its eyes would pop out.

  8. @57.

    I can’t say I’ve choked a squirrel, but I have seen one get run over by a slowly reversing articulated lorry. I can confirm that its eye popped out, followed by a stream of brains…

    I have never been so ashamed to laugh in all my life.


  10. Looks like UofM

  11. This definitely looks like a picture from Eastern Michigan University’s campus.

  12. Seriously? Just because it’s a brick building and gray railings it must be your school?

  13. BEST POST EVER. For so many reasons I love it. x

  14. the comments are so much better than the post :L

  15. Ben is still funny. And not the fake Ben. He’s poopy.

  16. I thought it looked like a hen too…still kinda do.

  17. Excellent!

  18. Lol! That’s funny-especially how well it’s holding the pizza

  19. I love how Ty’s response has a strong undercurrent of “how is this not awesome?” XD

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