Tuesday, September 20, 2011


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  1. The first one made me chuckle. The rest … not so much.

  2. I laughed at the first one too. Until I saw 7 seconds. She probably submitted it herself and immediately removed it.

  3. I dunno ksmith, I know people who average 15 hours a day on Facebook.

    I also have no life cause I play CoD for a few hours a day.

  4. 1) slut joke
    2) dick joke
    3) marriage joke

    That about covers it.

  5. The only 1 that wasnt funny was the first one … It was just a slut that doesnt like to admit it …

  6. I like the fact that on the first one she says she was offered an Iphone and her status was posted via Iphone

  7. Gee, nobody realized that, lonelyisland7. Gold star for pointing out the obvious.

  8. I liked the one where the guy says beat the odds, then the other guy says your dick is named the odds, because the joke is that he’s beating his dick.

  9. Bahaha^^

  10. I like the one where this guys says something really obvious, and the other guy points it out, because go fuck yourself.

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