Tuesday, September 20, 2011


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  1. Disney Princesses Come to Life!

  2. Punctuation is not optional, Kendra.

  3. ^ I had to read it 3 times to understand who she was

  4. ‘My boyfriend is cheating on me thanks for taking me to the party I can’t punctuate’

  5. ^ kendra kevin daughter allis mom

  6. Oh no… My brains…

  7. I have no idea what the heck is being said… but it sounds like incest… and a LOT of it!

  8. Kendra is Kevin’s daughter and Allis’ mom? So Kevin is Allis’ grandpa? How old does this make Kevin, 60? Why mention Allis? And who is John and Melissa?

  9. Kendra, Kevin’s daughter Alli’s mom. Punctuation makes so much more sense.

  10. Actually, punctuation doesn’t help it make any more sense.

  11. Nice that through the tears she can still give a shoutout to John and Melissa…

  12. I am looking forward to a translation of that incomprehensible drivel.

  13. This is for all of the girls that Kevin is fucking around with:

    This is Kendra, the mother of Kevin’s daughter, Alli. For the past few weeks he has been at my house sleeping in my bed and yes, we have been having sexual intercourse. We are all being played here so fuck you, Kevin. I guess it wasn’t a good idea to pass out with your phone available for me to snoop through, huh? Thanks for taking me to the party tonight. I had fun, John and Melissa.

  14. It all makes perfect sense. Kendra is posting. She is Allis’ mom. Allis is Kevin’s daughter. Kendra and Kevin have been canoodling for a few weeks, but, having seen his cell phone, she now realizes that he has been simultaneously seeing several other harlots. She is, on a totally separate topic, very appreciative of John and Melissa, who took her to a party.

  15. I wonder if john,melissa and kendra had a 3 some to get back at kevin …

  16. Does anyone else want to just fucking murder people
    who simply can’t insert some simple punctuation?
    Yes people ARE that fucking lazy.
    I’m glad Kevin two timed this stupid bitch. And I hope she got AIDS from her threesome so that she can’t poison the gene pool with any more fucking idiots.

    People who write like Kendra always seem like they’re writing a retard’s manifesto.

  17. Thankyou for the translation, Lulz.

  18. Kendra, you hypocrite.

  19. Thank you for the translation, I thought I understood the babbling but BOOM! There’s “thank you for taking me to party” and John and Melissa, and I dropped the ball.

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