Thursday, August 2, 2012

That Sucks…

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  1. and then Shane says “I don’t want to talk about it”…

    … and all his friends with guns go and shoot him.

  2. ha, Karyn made a joke…

  3. Stubby ftw

  4. Perhaps Shane is advertising his wares?

  5. I fucked Karyn. She spells her name wrong.

  6. Watch the balls, there, Shane. That can hurt.

  7. I think you’re right Franky, he’s clearly talking about his mouth.

  8. pretty sure he’s been reading lamebook.

  9. probably cos she says it “karin” not “karen”. you penile wart.

  10. Shane you think that sucks?… You should see my dog.

  11. ‘penile wart’… there’s a saying that doesn’t see light of day often enough

    this is hardly lame book worthy this one

  12. Your dog sucks? Mine gobbles and licks.

  13. Just over there -> It says “Why do we eat pigs and not dogs”? COS DOGS GOBBLE!

  14. As do turkeys, but only Beatus has a pecker tiny enough that a Turkey can get his lips around so they are also on the food chain.

  15. ^ Do they call you Turkey?

  16. nope, my gag reflex is shit. how about you?

  17. Never tested it. How did you go about doing that?

  18. If you open wide I can show you a good way of testing it. I found mine on your mum nipples.

  19. ^ *laughs at how you found yours*
    Good show, wanker. I reckon you’ll be patting yourself on the bum for that one, amiright?


  20. @16. If your gag reflex is shit, you are sucking from the wrong side.

  21. Turkeys have lips? How do you find this information?

  22. 9 we all know you emptied in the vacuum’s bag.

  23. nothing wrong with emptying in the hoover, it’s dusty and soaks that cum up better than your sister’s face ever could.

  24. his sister’s beard is pretty absorbent.

  25. HAAAAAAAAHAHA! Her oily skin resembles a seal and repels my fluids 🙁

  26. you have to get in early.

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