Thursday, August 2, 2012

These People get to Vote…

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  1. Everybody should get to vote, no matter how stupid. I only say they’re stupid because of their horrid English, their opinion doesn’t bother me since it’s their opinion.

  2. Mother of God. I do beleave Danielle has an extra chromosome.

  3. I believe it’s super easy to ignore people’s opinion, when said person is the tallest one in grade two, and they are 18 years old.

  4. I am also rather wondering if Danielle has recently emerged from a coma

  5. *awaits T1000’s ‘fake’ comment*

    We can only hope…..

  6. The only thing that should be banned around here is bad spelling and grammar. Danielle seems to have more serious issues that need tending too besides worrying if her neighbor is banging someone of the same sex.

  7. Speaking of bad spelling….


  8. Fucking spastic bitch. Shut the fuck up.

  9. I think you’re all missing the point. We need to put more effort into figuring out how to fix the gays. What do you guys think? Full frontal lobatamy, and a lil’ shock therapy might do the trick?

  10. ^is that in the bible?

  11. ^No I think the bible recomends a good stoning.

    I’m pretty sure facebooking isn’t in the bible and yet Danielle doesn’t mind engaging in that horrid, sinful behaviour.

    I also love that she keeps going on about it being her opinion. It’s not her opinion, someone has spat that shit into her brain and she doesn’t have the capacity to think critically about the information given to her. I wish I could meet these people IRL, they would be so easy to fuck with.

  12. No, Ms. I was just basing the cure on advice from earlier versions of the dsm and old school treatments for mental disorders in general. You want old testament bible style punishment? They recommend the death penalty. 🙂

  13. Floyd_the_Barber

    Pretty sure the Bible says brothers and sisters shouldn’t be making babies. That didn’t seem to stop Danielle’s parents.

  14. God hates figs.

  15. Fake!

  16. *facepalm* I hope Danielle gets eaten by something big with lots of pointy teeth.

  17. noobsauce you sound a little off, did your boyfriend get shit on your dick this morning? nothing says “bad day” like getting shit on your bell end.

  18. The funny thing is that most Christians say ‘Where does it say in the Bible that fucking bums is ok?’

    It doesn’t need to, the hero of the whole story was a bummer. Jesus used to arse rodeo John all the time. Look it up. Jesus was a brow ring diver there is no mistaking the intent of the Bible.

    If you deny that Jesus used to partake in a bit of the old cock communion then you deny the Bible is the true Word of God.

  19. Ima- truth

    I think I’d prefer to stone stupid people over cock jockeys or carpet munchers…having said that i do think IVF should only be available to straight couples.. being gay may or may not be a choice, but needing both womb/egg and sperm to create seems pretty clear and straight forward

    lobotomy and shock therapy?.. would that be so they don’t move so fast and you can finally catch you a little arse action?

  20. I think we should just contain the problem of stupid people and stop them from leaving America. Let them have at it.

  21. Yes, because only America has stupid people, crustypissflaps.

    The whole point of her well-stated opinion is completely lost on the fact that she is a complete fucking halfwit. It’s so painful to see this, and to think there are actually fuckers in the world who my 7 year old son can spell, read and write better than.

    Oh well, at least we still have lamebook.

  22. America also has fat people, and Michael Jackson. That is America’s contribution to the rest of the world. Obesity, stupidity, and a paedophile.

  23. Right, and roughly $1 trillion a year in foreign aid.

    But also fat people.

  24. Wait, wait, wait! Media censorship!! I knew you were good for something else. Phew!

  25. And child prostitution! Oh wait, that’s on YOUR side of the fucking globe. Ass.

    But yes, also media censorship. Of course, that kinda goes on everywhere… unless you don’t think it does… then you’re probably right.

    ^ I’m lying. You’re not right.

  26. As if Danielle could possibly read a bible……..

  27. ^ Her spelling shows that she never has. Maybe a few verses here and there, but definitely not all the way through.

  28. Fake. Danielle was terminated six months ago.

  29. $1 trillion a year in foreign aid and a yet somewhere in the order of $10 trillion deficit at the same time ..what was that whole subprime thing? oh yes let’s add unrealistic spending and bad credit rating to that list crusty

  30. This is a good list. Let’s add “wars we can’t finish” to that list.
    Don’t knock the European sex trade – we all know that at the top of every sordid, dirty scandalised affair that there is a fat American exploiting the entire situation to get cheeseburgers.

  31. ^ Wait just one second… I though that “wars the U.S. can’t finish” was their foreign aid contribution. Look how happy the Iraqi people are since receiving the U.S.’s help.

  32. ^ No. Our foreign aid goes to countries who turn around and attack us and our allies with the money they used to buy weapons instead of feed and give medical care to their own people. So there.
    And as long as we’re still funneling the billions to the Iraqis, then they WILL remain happy.
    Oh, wait, that’s not what they told you on BBC?

  33. …but don’t get her wrong, she’s not going to treat anyone any differnt. Did she mention that?

  34. ^so, nails, how about when they turn around and attack you with weapons that YOU idiots (via CIA) gave them?
    who’s the idiot cunt in THAT scenario? hmmm?

  35. ^ Both of us. We’re the idiots for handing them the stick, and they’re the jerks for beating us with it. Of course, God forbid we judge them and deny them the right to beat us with our own stick, because if we do, we are racist pricks.

  36. MsAnne: The government/CIA is to blame for meddling. I believe in sovereignty of a nation, and this one-world bullshit sucks, and will never work.
    My pride in my country comes from the people, and the original idea behind the country, which allowed it to flourish into what everyone else seems to hate so much: a fruitful, independent, free nation of people who would work their asses off, just because they thought that was the right thing to do. It’s NOT the government I have pride in. Not since the welfare state and entitlement mentality swarmed over the country – and the attitude that I don’t have to work for myself, the government will provide for me!

    I’m not alone in thinking like that. Don’t associate me with my government.

    And also, fuck you for making me go off again. I hate you. No, I really love you.
    No, I hate you.

  37. From what I’ve read of american history, I’m pretty confident that the native peoples of that continent say a big, fat “Fuck You” to your notions of ‘independence and freedom’ being the original idea behind the country.

    I’m ok that you hate me. You’ll change your mind again soon. Then you’ll fucking hate me again. It’s just how it goes.

  38. I don’t really hate you. Oddly enough, I’m just too nice of a guy for that. 😉 I was saying that cuz you made me get on my soapbox. Bitch.

    I’m just saying, lands change hands throughout time and always will (it will probably happen here, too… and maybe in Australia with the Aborigines).

    Also, I am not my government. I hear the people of Iran say the same thing – they’re just not allowed to do it out loud like we are.

  39. ^Iran isn’t the country that your propaganda media portrays it to be.
    But they have a fucktonne of oil, so they’re clearly evil and must be democratized. Sadly, they are also quite strong. So the whole region must be destabilized first. Afghanistan, IRAQ, Egypt. Yemen, Bahrain, SYRIA. Libya. you get the picture yet, pawn?

  40. Yes. I want more oil and lower gas prices. 😛

  41. ^ You do realize the majority of our oil comes from our own country, right? After that, it’s imported from Canada, and then the Middle East. All the Middle East countries combined send us less oil than Canada, and Canada only sends about 18% of our oil. The wars over in the Middle East really don’t do much for us to lower the price of oil here in the US; however, it helps the Big Oil guys to keep control of the wells so that they can send the oil from the Middle East to other countries to buy it, like Australia…

    So it’s not about the common citizen, but rather the big cheese at the top.

    Oh, and Iraq doesn’t really contribute that much oil to us. They just happen to be situated in the middle of all the countries that do, so the principle is to keep those countries with a dividing line so they cannot communicate as easily. Simple divide and conquer (control) principle.

  42. I can’t help but read This in Jack Douglas(jackfilms) voice 🙂

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