Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Better Stick to Spanish


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  1. Well I can’t blame him for spelling it wrong, he DID get a certificate in spanish

  2. This is a rubbish one. It’s just a typo, we all do it every now and again.

  3. Yeah i agree Stace. Lamebook is reaching quite a bit on this one. This the kind of mistake that anyone who has ever used a computer has made at some point or another.

  4. Exactly what I was going to say….just a typo.

  5. Aye, dios mio!

  6. Just a typo my ass. That’s the epitome of lamebook, learn how to spell and besides, most web browsers have spell check. It’s not that hard to spell correctly.

  7. He also left out the word “is”.

  8. enough people misspell things without knowing better or while intending too. no need to pick on people for typos.

  9. Work on your english first.

  10. that’s it?

  11. How about reading what you’ve written before hitting ‘send’, ‘share’, ‘ok’. Ok?

  12. well at least anthony not officially certified to teah english.

  13. Proof reading is overrated.

  14. …and I’m certain you all have never made a typo in your lives. We mortals bow down to your superior internet skills.

  15. Lamebook has made typos worse than this

  16. typo.. but still amusing in context.

  17. good thing he isn’t teaching English.

  18. ^ thank you, speedy.

  19. Oh noes, a missing letter. Because nobody else ever makes mistakes or anything.

  20. Well, #19, the beauty of using a computer instead of, say, a notepad and pen is that our keyboards have all these useful little buttons that we can use to go back and correct mistakes without making it look messy.

  21. Guess what? People make typos all the time. It doesn’t mean that they are stupid. If you’re typing quickly mistakes do happen.
    As for “yeah but you can proofread”, when you go back and reread what you wrote, you tend to read it how you intended it, therefore missing the mistakes you made. That’s why when people write papers they have other people edit their papers.

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