Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What an Ass

What an Ass

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  1. To steal a line from Golden Girls, I could get herpes listening to that story.

  2. And now it’s on the rest of the internet for the world to know. What have you learned, Jamie?

  3. “…and you can imagine what happens next…”

    “He fixed the cable?”

  4. Kyley and Simone are boys? I’m confused.

  5. they are girls

  6. Liek, OMG, isn’t it funny, I’m such a huge slut, hey check out my gaping vagina!!!! LoL!!!!!111

  7. what a slutty slut

  8. I think I might know this Jamie, sounds like the same crazy psycho slut I know

  9. The fact that she ‘established a relationship with the guy in the front seat’, tells me that she may seem like your typical selfish, back-stabbing slut faced ho-bag, but in reality, she’s so much more than that.

  10. Wow… this girl couldn’t sound like more of a slut if she tried.


  11. I think my favorite part of this is that REBECCA submitted the screen capture. You can see the option of deleting her own comment.

  12. Well in that case Lisa, Rebecca is your typical selfish, back-stabbing slut faced ho-bag! She’s like Regina George IRL!!

  13. I cannot believe she skanked out on a phi delt! Omigawd, I could just totally barf!

  14. Both of her friends were “with boy”? Is that supposed to be a hip way of saying these sluts were getting knocked up?

  15. My count has Jamie blowing at least four guys that night. Mom and dad would be proud…

  16. what a whorable person. and also, nice job to rebecca on posting this.

  17. Although it’s pretty lame to recant an entire night’s worth of stories on someone’s facebook wall, the story isn’t as pathetic as a lot of the other self-aggrandized musings I’ve seen on here.

  18. what a whore

  19. Some people would call Jamie a “hooker”… except she is giving that shit away to several men every night for free. That might just be even sadder than doing it for profit…

  20. this IS rebecca commenting and all i have to say is that i hate my friends aka never giving out my facebook password ever again

    i loved how i’m called a whore
    this is kinda funny though not gonna lie hahaha

  21. I laughed at the “hatian pack a honda pilot” line after I figured out what a “hatian” was supposed to be.

  22. lol they’re University of Florida students, or they at least live in Gainesville. this town is full of fucking sluts.

  23. I feel like I need a shower after reading that. Whatever you do, don’t use this girl’s chapstick. Shes probably carrying 15 different diseases. And will probably post about them all on her facebook soon since dignity doesn’t exist. “Like OMG wahts diganatee”?!


  25. Obvi.

  26. Sparky, I second that.

  27. Hahahaahh!1!!!! Im a total slag nd post on the interwebs (lol) about being a slag so evry1 can c it!!!!1! LOLOLL!!!!!!!!


    What a dickhead.

  28. @Sparky – obvs they’re “Hate-ee-ians,” like Cher said on Clueless!

  29. I’d like to meet this girl, maybe develop a relationship.

    And by relationship, I mean bang her within the first five minutes of knowing her.

  30. Ugh.

  31. I’d hit it. But I wouldn’t post it on FB.

  32. Joydivisionthecure

    but does anyone think this ACTUALLY happened to her? I’m pretty sure Josh and Taylor are figments of her imagination, she’s just not happy enough with “boyfriend” she’s only posting this so people will think she’s a slut

  33. @Jonas, that sounds a little slutty of you.

  34. Jamie could be a gay man…

  35. This happened at the University of Florida… Just sayin’

  36. SO next day i hook up with “Boyfriend” and hes like “Bitch Ya Ass Is Dumped Ya Cheatin Scum Whore”

    Lol idiot


  38. Also from The Golden Girls,
    “That woman has ‘Slut’ embroidered on her underwear.”

  39. This reads like a chapter out of a Bret Easton Ellis novel, but with more sex and less drugs.

  40. CB, I love you.

  41. Oh joy. herpfest is back.

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