Monday, February 4, 2013

A Win for Tim

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  1. I’m pretty sure iJustine didn’t leave her phone number on some random’s facebook page in Michigan.

  2. She’s a slut and he’s a dumbass.
    So, this relationship could actually work out pretty well.

  3. ^ Exactly, Tim is a douche and this is made up. So flame me.

  4. Either the whole thing is fake, or some hairy dude is screwing with Tim. She reminds me of Cameron Diaz.

  5. Ah, now where have I seen this picture before..

  6. Anyone know what happened to MsAnneThrope? Not visited here for a while and kinda miss her vitriol?

  7. this guy is about to get Ronaiah Tuiasosopo’d

  8. Anne got fucked like a dog in the ass and throat by 15 black guys with monster cocks. No-one misses her.

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