Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Status

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  1. 1) Can’t believe anyone is that stupid. Oh, wait…yes I can.
    2) I get the joke, but it doesn’t even make sense since most of the people at the game were either too wealthy to have been in the Super Dome during Katrina or were Ravens/49ers fans from outside the area. Lame joke.
    3) Ha ha ha he’s saying cuz there was a power outage. How original.

  2. I’m going to get flamed by American thumbs down here, but the football we play in the rest of the world is what you guys call ‘soccer’…and I too have never seen a Superbowl match. Actually, what perplexes us most here in Britain, is how most the talk about said game seems to be about which ads make the commercial break!

    …and I’m not being hysterically anti American, I actually like you guys, but you have ways that are alien to me.

  3. I’m American, and I don’t get the hype, either.

  4. @gwoodard8 The majority of the world doesn’t give a shit about the Superbowl. There are millions of people (likely smarter than you or I) with no idea what it is.

  5. I’ve often thought beatusmongous for president, he completely dispels the myth that all Americans are insular.

  6. Dammit, DanR, why do you make me Google big words?

  7. Well, you’re already smarter than that George Dubya guy 😉

  8. ^ Whoo, you’ve hit the big time, beatus!

    (not really; I have a Chia Pet that’s smarter than Dubya…)

  9. You have a Chia Pet?

  10. Yes. I call it Steeeever.

  11. 95% of people who watch the super bowl don’t care about the game as much as they care about the partying and commercials, just like 95% of steelers’ fans don’t understand american football whatsoever.

  12. Gee, I sure am glad we cleared up that “football” means “soccer” to the rest of the world. No one in the U.S. has ever heard that fact before.

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