Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Winning Response


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  1. BEN!

  2. STEEEEVVEERRR. Or something like that.

  3. believe me or not! me and my slut sister just got two OH NEVER MIND

  4. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Number 1 and number 3 are the of the usual lamebook quality. Number 2 however, puzzles me. Can someone please explain number 2 to me?

  5. I have no idea, but I did like “Hmu!”

  6. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Some extra info on 3 though, Sam is a paraplegic and his sense of humor can best be described as ironic.

  7. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    “Hold my unicorn” must be slang for masturbating.

  8. Vincent_Valentine

    @stomabeutel. number 2 is from a movie called “Home Alone” starring McCauley McCulkin. it about a you kid being left home while his family goes on vacation to Paris. the comments on number 2 are things that happened during the movie. You oughta watch it. it’s a great movie:]

  9. I thought HMU was used in relation to drug testing – “here’s my urine.” But that doesn’t make sense in the context above, unless Dallas is a urolagniac.

  10. HMU means hit me up,it’s like a secret code for buttsex.

  11. Hmu is as bad as smh, 2 completely useless made up shortened versions of the sayings because people think they’re special and SO SMART for making a new term like “lol”

  12. I like butter sex.

  13. Just signed in for the first time in like 6 months to say that yodawgs comment made me LOL super hard.


  14. I thought ‘hmu’ was the sound of a retard sighing.

  15. There was nothing funny or ironic in Sam’s post? He was obviously referencing how it is cruel to have three large dogs in an apartment that is probably barely big enough for the two adults and baby to begin with.

  16. That sounds right #15, I was really confused by what he meant…

  17. Luca in #1 is right. I have heard that evil spirits choose who to haunt based on their Facebook happenings.

  18. I think the dogs are in the stroller with the baby, eating it.

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