Tuesday, November 16, 2010

aBREWsive Parenting

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  1. I don’t mind kids knowing their parents party, but this is ridiculous.

  2. first…. trash breeding trash

  3. Tod, sorry man I beat you to it.

  4. It’d be cooler if that was a hookah.

  5. Wow tod. You blew it, caprice?!

  6. Damn autocorrect. Capice?

  7. I think it’s ok to let kids party when they’re younger. It gets it all out of their system while thier livers can still handle the alc with ease and then heal up nicely by the time they’re 16. That’s the way I did it anyway and I kinda turned out semi-decent.

  8. Five dollars and a hand-job to anyone who can tell me what his tattoo reads.

  9. It says Adell.

    You can keep the $5 but I’ll be ready for the handjob in 15 minutes.

    *fap fap fap*

  10. If you’re too stupid to edit out your shitty parenting on Facebook, you shouldn’t have kids.

  11. As soon as “R” clears that it’s “Adell,” I’ll get the doughnut glaze ready, Walter! I shall use that five dollars to buy more confectioner’s sugar.

  12. I believe it’s Tyrell, his own name. So when he’s too drunk to talk and the police ask him his name he can just point it out.

  13. @ walter- if a 16 old kid wants to party- fine and dandy.. but when that 16 year old has a child- they need to grow the fuck up. i hope someone reported this bullshit to cps.. people wonder why kids are so fucked up.. i blame stupid, slutty, teen parents, who are too selfish to go to the clinic and get a goddamn abortion… fucketty fuck ups.

  14. hpcan – what makes you think these people are teenagers?

  15. hp,Walter’s not here … he’s getting a hand job.

  16. @gr_on23- good call… i was just so caught up in my angry rant about shitty parents that i became agist.. i apologize and edit.

    * I blame stupid, slutty, fuck up parents (young and old alike), who are too selfish to go to the clinic and get a god damn abortion. if getting fucked up is that important to you- go for it.. but leave the kidlets out of it.

    there, i hope that’s better.

  17. Five dollars (no hand job) to anyone that can figure out which one is the parent

  18. Haha, yes. I guess we can just hope they weren’t getting wasted… right.

  19. Let’s see… R refers to them as “[our] kids” so he must be the father, and Christi is their mom. I’m guessing Christi is the blonde one. R would have to be the black guy with the arm tattoo.

  20. @19 I was joking, but now that you mention it, if she is naming them in anti clockwise order you’re most likely right! Your $5 is in the mail 🙂

  21. Is it just me or does the one with the 5th hose in the back by the fridge look like a little kid?

  22. lol@ “anti clockwise” I think you mean COUNTER clockwise. lol i laughed anyway, soooo thanks!

  23. @wannafight anticlockwise and counter clockwise are the same thing, dumbass. Anticlockwise is more commonly used in britain.

  24. Nothing makes me angrier than when someone says “comp” instead of “pc”. Computer is already an abbreviation of the proper name (personal computer). Idiot woman.

    Also, I think parents who drink responsibly around their children show their kids the healthy way to drink and enjoy yourself. People like this make it seem normal or cool to do a beer bong may pole. Those kids should just hand their livers over now.

  25. Isn’t this how all kids are raised these days…Lord knows I was.

  26. @ wannafight. You’re welcome.

  27. I have always preferred for things to move in a clockwise direction myself, so I guess you could call me pro-clockwise. I don’t have much respect for anti-clockwise people. They tend to be a bunch of blue-eyed lefties.

  28. @27 Ahh Walter, We anti-clockwise people are just like you, don’t judge so quickly. At least you have wannafight, he seems to have strong feelings on the subject.

  29. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this picture. Adults are drinking alcohol in front of kids. They’re doing it in a funny way, but they’re still consuming alcohol, not meth or hash. The adults could have had a nice Ward/Wally moment with the kids afterwards, explaining responsible drinking.

    But the words demonstrate that these are shit people who are going to raise more shit people. The bad grammar, misuse of basic words, and general attitude reveal idiots of the finest order.

    R doesn’t object to “are” kids being there, only to a picture that shows that they were there. “I can be a shitty parent as long as I keep it hidden from people who might be able to tell on me.”

    I believe that R likes loads of cum from anyone who will give it. Bonus if there’s cigarettes to help her through the pregnancy.

    Maybe the kids will get tired of alcohol by the age of nine and start huffing gasoline, thereby rendering them sterile. Or dead.

    I like saying “anti-clockwise.” I also like “roundabout” and “floosh.”

  30. Woooo, that’s how you get it DONE! -_-

  31. “floosh”?

  32. #29, R is the father. Christi is the mother.

  33. Retards shouldn’t be able to have kids.
    I hope CPS pays them a visit.

  34. Yes, “floosh,” curlybap. It’s the sound effect of an insult going over the head of an aggressive fucktard dickface. It’s usually accompanied by a tousling of one’s hair. (NOT a tossing of one’s salad, as was previously misinterpreted.)

    Thanks, idontknow. See see that now. I still think they’ll both take cum and should be killed.

  35. @24
    Me too, in fact pc pisses me off also. When someone says I’m using a PC I grind my teeth and my vision turns red, don’t they know the full abbreviation is IBMES for IBM entry system,…the fools! It just makes me want to kill someone! I also become enraged when people say “I drove a car”. Don’t they know it’s an automobile! You and me bananza, through our immense and pointless rage, we will change the hearts and minds of this small internet community.

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