Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Absorb the Love

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  1. slicingupeyeballs

    This bloke is a bloody pussy. Period…

  2. Here is a tampon. Please put me in the Friend Zone. Next time you are PMSing, you can come over, eat ice cream, and complain to me. No sex required.

  3. Oh, good, something else for SJWs to bitch about.

  4. WTF did I just read?

  5. The Beast Among Us

    You got a spare bra in that gym bag, too? You might need it soon.

  6. Wow. A guy commits a random act of kindness – remarking upon how surprised the recipient was – and all I see in the comments is open contempt for him. No wonder this sort of favor is considered so rare.
    Apparently being extra thoughtful is “unmanly”? Or is the thought of a man buying feminine hygiene products just that threatening and alien an idea? Ridiculous.

  7. The Beast Among Us

    ^ The thought of a man keeping feminine hygiene products in his gym bag just so he can be ready when the time comes that some random woman nearby needs one is not kind, it’s creepy.

  8. So he’s a man (sort of) wearing a fanny pack with tampons in it? I think the fact he’s wearing a fanny pack is much more emasculating than the fact her carries around tampons.

  9. Keeping a spare tampon in a fanny pack sounds so wrong to someone from the UK lol

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