Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quick Quips

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  1. numero uno

  2. Numero deux, as in these posts are #2, as in there are shit…

  3. *they

  4. Why you always gotta be so negative, Steeeeevvvverrrr?

  5. So are the Internet Tough Guy rules different for Facebook as opposed to an anonymous forum? E.E. Cummings up there is sowing the seeds of violence, when really, he should be appeeling to people’s better nature.

  6. Walter, you spelt it wrong.

  7. curlybap, you “spelled” it wrong

  8. Actually, he spelt it right. ‘Spelt’ is English and ‘spelled’ is that shit that Americans call English, so both are acceptable. Hate to burst your pedantic bubble there.

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