Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Background Checks

More background checks!

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  1. #2 would actually be a good picture if not for the dog.

  2. vaginalroundhouse

    the dog made the 2nd picture better. I have seen those kinds of pics, movie posters are like that with a guy sorta closing his eyes and smiling. Jerry Mcguire is a good example, anyone have anymore?

    I bet that guy in the first one thought he had gotten away with it.

  3. That guy actually does look a bit like Tom Cruise. Only taller.

  4. Gotten away with what? I can’t even see what he’s doing. Looks like he is either at the beginning of a puke session or eating a bird or a rodent. Either way it’s fucking gross.

  5. Hi.
    Can someone explain the last one to me, please?

  6. I think it’s the “Hold your farts in” on the board.

  7. Oh… just thought it was a teacher making lame jokes (has he actually written ‘don’t copulate’?) and something else around him that was actually funny…

  8. Think it’s meant to be ‘don’t copy’

  9. 2 1 3

  10. Can anyone find the man in #2 for me? Pretty please.

  11. @curly – he’s just to the left of the dog.

  12. vaginalroundhouse

    My dick is in his ass, find me and you will find him.

  13. I don’t think the last one belongs to background checks, since someone is obviously posting the teacher’s class rules…

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