Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Adam Makes It Awkward

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  1. Try w w w dot lemonparty dot org
    It works there!

  2. Aww… poor thing. It’s happened to me too.

  3. Paranoid Android72

    I know I’m drunk as fuck but this, this is fucking shit.
    As you were lamebook.

  4. Can’t tell if Lamebook censored it, or if that red silhouette is really the gay porn.

  5. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Adam’s browsing habits are fucking disgusting. Who still uses AOL?

  6. Zatknis, the red silhouette is part of the Youtube video, not the gay porn. The tab for the gay porn site is 2 tabs to the left of the Youtube tab. Where it says “Adam4Adam”

    Apparently it’s a gay webcam site.

  7. The only way you’d know if that was a gay porn site is if you went to that gay porn site before. I never would have figured it out.

  8. Or maybe you just saw the tab for the website called “Adam4Adam” on your friend Adam’s screen, and decided to Google it. That’s what I would do. Not that I would have automatically assumed it was a gay porn site, but in this case with the coincidence of the names being the same (Adam) I would have been curious if that was maybe my friend’s website/blog/whatever.

    Hopefully Adam was already out to all his Facebook friends.

  9. Wait, why does it matter that he is on a porn site? I think it’s pretty well accepted that A LOT of people look at porn. Having it on social media isn’t much of a revelation.

    And, different strokes for different folks. It’s OK to be gay.

  10. How come Adams get their own gay porn site? That is totally unfair.

  11. #6, I totally did not see that tab. I was distracted by the red ballerina.

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