Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Afternoon Wins

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  1. Well, homeless people would make a nice change from all the people the Big Brother execs drag out of the mental asylums.

  2. Ryan so cray

  3. Craw so hard motherfuckers wanna fry me.

    That fish cray.

  4. Big Brother is still airing?

  5. Is it really necessary to instruct people as to what they should do on Facebook if they agree with an opinion or idea?

  6. I’d only watch that big brother idea if the homeless people were forced to do ridiculous tasks and forced to fight to the death

  7. ^Spent a lot of time on that user name did you?

  8. Do you like it hawkbit?

  9. me ▶ brett.

    so, here’s my idea. let’s get 14 homeless people and let them live in your house and you can fuck off and live in a box under a bridge.
    and no, you can’t have internet access. becoz you just say dumb shit on it.

  10. Yeah I think Australia is the only place in the world that is still dragging around that Big Bother crap…please don’t jusdge us for it.

    And also, I’m tossing up whether it’s better to be aiming for Al Bundy or Ted Bundy.

  11. ^both bundys are good, strong role models and I don’t blame you for finding the choice a difficult one.
    but ask yourself who is doing better these days?
    al spends his working days nose-to-nipple with sofía vergara’s low-cut frocks.
    ted is just dead.

  12. fail/fake/fagg

  13. The Big Brother House is normally full of filthy fucking tramps anyway so I’m not sure what the difference would be?

  14. ^the difference would be 14 less people hanging around train stations trying to guilt me into giving them $2.

  15. I’d only watch that show if the other fucks they have on there (I guess, haven’t seen it in like 10+ years) just got lined up and killed in the end by a firing squad. Except for the winner. He/She has to slit their own throat.
    Now, if it was homeless people, I’d give them a second chance at life. Unless they knew what lamebook was; then they’d just be made to cut their own throats while looking in a mirror so they could watch themselves bleed out.

    Love ya guys! MUAH! ..I.,

  16. I wasn’t even aware Big Brother was still a thing, either, beatus.

  17. ^It’s been off-air for years. Some cunt decided to bring it back.

  18. good. those spastics who still watch television deserve everything they fucking got coming.

  19. I had one arsehole giving running commentary on Facebook for the full hour of the goddamn show. I no longer have him on my Facebook.

  20. ^why did you have him on for the full hour?
    was it so you knew he was in the house while you drove there and firebombed it?

  21. was there not even anything lamebook worthy for you to share with the rest of us?

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