Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bread Bitch

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  1. Oh, Donnie, she just didn’t like your pastry white thighs or your limp biscuit.
    Muffin you can do about it now.

    Fuck you all; I better get some goddamn thumbs up for that masterpiece of humor right there.

  2. I think your jokes are a bit stale.

  3. They are. Buy me some flours and I’ll feel better?

  4. Next, rachels gonna leave the breadman for the milkman.

  5. She likes the bread man’s buns.

  6. Todd burgers, you should be all over this.

  7. ^ Or at least in the middle.

  8. Fake.

  9. Im pretty sure Aunt Lora didn’t catch that.

  10. I was just hoping Donnie was a chick to make this interesting.

  11. “It’ll be alright before you’re twice married”. What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

    Justin is about as funny as thrush.

  12. ^ I know, right? Thrush is funny as fuck.

    Does anyone else think that Donnie and Rachel are wiggers?

  13. Oh, that Rachel. Sometimes I really Wonder about that girl.

  14. the mating rituals of rednecks ft. a lonely, overly-chatty auntie.

    this track never gets old. play it again, lamebook.

  15. ^add some cheap ass sour mash and you’ve pretty much nailed it, Ms. At least that’s how they are around here…when not trying to take shots of rubbing alcohol…hicks are the cancer of central florida..

  16. My friend has blurry photos of the bread bitch.

  17. Ironic that Donnie doesn’t use periods when he obviously has them.

  18. It’s so obvious that aunty Lora was looking for some young, humour deficient ass

  19. Rightbrain, your friends a bit of a crepe, eh?

  20. Mom Myrt was a wise old soul, many the nigt we’d be crouched around the camp fire and she’d shoot some words of wisdom straight out of her voice hole.

    ‘You’ll be twice married ‘afore the halibut cocktail dress slips over a dandelion bridge.’

    We had her fucking sectioned in the end.

  21. ^didn’t they name the band ‘neutral milk hotel’ in her honour?

  22. Apparently Rachel is high maintenance so the bread man is now working two jobs. He kneads the dough.

  23. lollin @ the bread references

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