Thursday, August 16, 2012

Afternoon Wins

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  1. Michael has my heart for that one. Brilliant!

  2. Michael, you need Liz’s bank account information, first.

  3. *slow clap for Michael

  4. toddvanhamburger

    It’s like raiaaaaaaaaaaain on your wedding day..

  5. I fucked Liz in an Olive Garden bathroom.

  6. Marry me, Michael (Hey, don’t judge me- who can resist Nigerian royalty?)

  7. Hello sah, I am pleased to tell you that you have won cash monies.

  8. Maybe Liz wanted Michael to fuck her and she would have paid. I’ll bet those are actually her panties (that I’d sniff) a few posts up.

  9. ahhh T999… your comment sums up the difference between sophisticated scorn (like Michael: distance yourself from the pathetic ones- i e Liz, Dylan and Kaitlyn- and licking/sniffing their asses “give me your panties, Kait/Liz/whoever you are- did someone mention panties?? OH PANTIES!!!”) …

  10. ‘You can no longer message Liz’ -i.e Lamebook submitter is Michael?

  11. michael FAIL/fake/fagg

  12. Ha, Liz got bitch-slapped. She shoulda hit Kali up. Kali seems like the type of simple creature that would fall for a blatantly obvious scam.

  13. Michael has good reason to ignore Liz’s offer. He knows full well he can make $8,065 per month with his laptop (or some shit like that)

  14. ^ Yes, as frankenstein explained to me, you just have to go to nuttyric… never fucking mind.

    I liked Michael’s response.

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