Thursday, August 16, 2012


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  1. This is a copy which makes it not funny. Unless she was actually stabbed this time.

  2. Ha! Cheesy but I laughed.

  3. Snort*

  4. A goofy, stupid joke is funny once in a while.

  5. set-up.

  6. Hamish..terrorist

  7. “Ronald Reagan once found Nancy in a White House closet with that guy Henry, the Jewish guy, um…” “Kissinger?” “No, fucking her”.

    Time flies.

  8. Fake. This didnt happen.

  9. ^ No shit?

  10. This makes me want to stab myself.

  11. Oldie, but goodie… Like me.

  12. fail/fake/fagg

  13. this place is like sickipedia. but infinitely shitter.

  14. cheetah_print 89

    Hamish is a Scottish name…not too many of them I heard are terrorists you idiot.

  15. @10: t### – Please do.

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