Monday, May 23, 2011

More E-diots

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  1. first at last…

  2. Also I once invented a drink called the tequila mockingbird. The ingredients were 5 shots of tequila and a dead bird… The cat loved it.

  3. Gee, where is everyone.?.. Did you all get raptured or something??

  4. Yup and it’s fantastic, smashing and super up here, you can see the pub and everything, Jeebus is a bit of a dick though.

  5. I thought He may be annoying, always speaking in parables… You’ll never get a straight answer out of Him..

  6. Same shit, different day, here on this Godforsaken planet…

  7. Music is a bit shit up here though, rumour going round that the bloke downstairs has an awesome system and tunes.

  8. Can’t wait to get down there… I’m on his mailing list and it’s his birthday on October 21st. We’re all heading down for his eternal damnation blowout party… He’s renting a hot-tub and everything.

  9. Fuck me it’s ‘War and Peace’… I’ve been reading ‘Flappy Gash Whores Like Stinky Cock Pies’

    His All Seeing Bushy Beardness better fucking watch out if he gets me up there.. i’ve been practicing curling one into imaginary beings all my life so i’d be pretty much the top cock.

  10. iamamofoisanunfunnytroll

    Lame post,lame comments. All lame everything. The bad kind of lame that is. Bring back suroor.

  11. @ wankbag No.10 Fuck you, you little bottom feeding sanctimonious spunk gurgling wanksplat.

    Here’s my definition of lame: Some unfunny, insipid, passive cock pulling puddle of moon blood gets to use more of my username than I myself do… you get to tarnish my Motherfuckedness with your pretentious pricky little unintentional homage. I think your dad touched you when you were young. Touched you hard.

    Bring back your dad.

  12. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    ^^^^ Time delayed FTW!

  13. iamamofoisanunfunnytroll

    @11 even if you changed your name,you’re still unfunny. I bet you get butt raped by your dad when you were young. Butt raped real hard.

    Bring back your tight asshole.

  14. Awww, iamamofoisanunfunnytroll is having a cry ’cause he’s not invited to Luci’s party…

    Also, Haha, owned by the Big Cheese. You think those comments were lame, you’ve seen nothing. I’ve been holding back.

    Also, I once invented a drink called the VvG, 5 shots of vodka and one severed human ear… The vodka goes down a treat but the ear is a bit hard to swallow.

    P.S. iamamofoisanunfunnytrollisaboringfucktardwithnoinsightorwit
    Or as Vincent would say “Sorry, could you repeat that? I can’t hear so good on my left”

  15. iamamofoisanunfunnytroll

    samefaqqing up in this bitch to make themselves “internet cool”

    cool story moniker,tell it again tommorow

  16. Bro, you’re a fictional character as far as I care. The last time I wanted to be cool was over 15 years ago, probably around the time you were born. Shush now, adults are talking.

  17. Troll fight!

  18. Hehe, fun while it lasted Hawkbit… Nothing else to do here I guess. The post wasn’t great and the comment thread is an abortion. But for the record, I have only one username and I am sincere unless provoked, then it’s “game on”.

  19. Ha ha ha, the first one made me laugh out loud… Twonk 😀

  20. The first one really cracked me up!

  21. pandainspandex

    The first one made me cry. Sad tears, not happy ones.

  22. Oi Fuckpig No.13! I bet your ‘mates’ take turns to spunk in your beer on a night out, you fucking backward cockless spazoid.

    So let’s just sum things up… You ‘invent’ a Username which just happens to have mine in it (spelt wrong by the way you fucking brain cripple) I rip you a new arsehole (Your Dad had already bashed in the old one) and then your ‘retort’ is basically my own banter thrown back at me.

    You made a big mistake up there… you said the word butt… hmmm butt… the use of that particular word reveals a lot about your personality.. this is my biggest indication so far that you have either cried over things that I have said to you in the past or will weep and break if I keep coming at you…game on fuckwit, game on. Keep the hankies nearby Paedobitch you’re gonna need ’em!

  23. yeah no.13 – if Cheesuschrist wanted his own comeback, he would have scooped it off your mom’s chin!

  24. brewmaster, you made my face crack with that one. A “your mom” kinda joke. I should feel shame

  25. Brewmaster FTW

  26. Lmao moniker on your invention

  27. *comment 2

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