Thursday, December 24, 2009

It’s a Fantastic Day









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  1. LOL ; ) )

  2. Artists Sunshine27

    Wow… I never noticed it before, but it does look like Lisa is..O_o

  3. OOOOO the great and almighty russel , i am askin for your guidence , would u come down from your throne , i need a tight comrade who will teach me how to stalk

  4. Now I can’t look at the Olympics logo WITHOUT seeing that.

  5. I laughed so hard at the Lisa giving head.

    The fact that there are so many bad romance groups on facebook is kinda lame in itself. Though “I stalk your profile when I miss you” punctuated it nicely.

  6. Haha! I’m actually in the 2012 Lisa Giving Head group.

  7. Well, I *was* going to say that Russell had all the makings of a stalker, but I think he just sealed that deal with the last group he joined.

  8. hahahaha whoever designed the olympics logo is a genius!

  9. @Shanelle, since Russell is out of the question, I will be happy to do you very fast and very hard…

  10. Can I call old on the Tiger Woods and the Olympics Logo?

  11. You can call old on those. Do you feel cool now?

  12. wtf is that logo supposed to be, if it’s not lisa simpson giving head? i can’t make out anything else except that…damn perverts

  13. It IS a fantastic day.

  14. The marketing firm’s description of the logo is equally lame:

    It’s been designed by branding behemoths Wolff Olins, with a design brief that called for an emblem that “represented the four key ‘brand pillars’ of access, participation, stimulation and inspriation, culminating in the brand vision of Everyone’s Games.”

    Mission failed. LOVE it!!! And Russell is awesome.

  15. Being someone who, in many respects, still lives in the age of horse-drawn carts and lantern-posts in cobbled streets, can anyone help me a bit further into the 21st century and enlighten me on what is the use of any of those facebook groups?

  16. The purpose of Facebook groups is for people to create them and feel vicariously popular when other people join them. If your Facebook group is popular it means you, by extension, are popular, even though nobody actually gives two shits who created any particular group.

    And no, it doesn’t make any sense.

  17. worst_episode_ever

    wow you must have some sick mind if you think that looks like lisa giving head… you’re all a bunch of deranged sick sick bastards. oh wait, i see it now lol

  18. Thanks Sensible Madness, I get the drift. But frankly, I’d be offended if I ever created a facebook group (what for, I don’t know yet) and such a shallow guy as Russell signed up. Unless Russell is actually a girl with great tits.

  19. @ Antarctic Circle

    Not sure about great tits, but I’d say that Russell definitely is a bit of a girl.

  20. …Except that’s not the 2010 Olympics logo. 2012, and it’s also apparently pink, but yes, it does make me giggle. Apparently the new Pepsi logo is modeled after Comic Book Guy!

    I really hope Shanelle was just talking about Russell’s performance in bed, they’re still together, and he stalks her even though he’s wit her. That makes it creepier! =)

  21. The 2012 Olympic logo looks live Lisa Simpson giving head to Bart Simpson! LMAO!

    I reckon Russell would make a great wing man! C’mon Russ, the drinks are on me.

    Arabs are the bomb? Another ironic facebook group.

  22. For something so mainstream , you would think they’d have better graphic designers.
    and I just took a look at the group” Arabs are the bomb” and the description says “not literary” LMAO !

  23. Wow. Russell reminds me of my ex. Wish I’d known sooner but… got there in time!

  24. @Kiki : I just checked out the group ‘Arabs are the bomb’. LMAO! “Not literally” – Yea, because “actually”. People should really learn the real meaning of ‘literally’. And Russell is a girl! Simply because ‘he’ joined a group with the word ‘beauteous’ in it.

  25. The last one is priceless. Just priceless.

  26. I know people say things like this all the time on here, but that last one really has made me feel a bit ill, if I was her I’d get a restraining order, that kid’s got ‘PSYCHO’ written all over him.

  27. I call fake on that last one

  28. the russell/shanelle one is definitely fake. the group he joined after shanelle’s comment should say “recent activity” above it. weirdly edited together or something.

    but the 2012 thing is absolutely right… and it’s lisa giving head to BART no less

  29. Oh wow. First underage kids, then under 12 kids, and now even a Magikarp has a Facebook profile! But Adam thinks that’s gay.

  30. This is quite possibly the best post on Lamebook ever. Everything is hilarious. and so wrong. I cracked up at ‘arabs are the bomb.’ so awful it’s funny.

  31. im gonna have to call shenanigans on russell…

  32. lmao! the lisa simpson thing cracked me up

    Russell however needs to grow a pair of balls!!!

  33. The Russell one IS edited. I submitted it, and Shanelle’s comment didn’t say that. She’s just as mushy about him. Mods obviously changed it. :/

  34. I’m actually a fan of the olympic one dare I say it…
    And I don’t think Matt is a fish…

    As for Russell…well he needs to grow a pair.

  35. @OMGItsMe
    THe logo does provide some stimulation, well Lisa is doing the stimulating anyway. That gay one just cracks me up and the magikarp joining that group, priceless

  36. Rael joined the group: People like Russell should be put down for the good of mankind

  37. Wow, Russell is what you call an online predator.
    I LOVE YOU I WANT YOU *drool*

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