Thursday, August 16, 2012

Some People…

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  1. Amanda’s baby doesn’t stand a chance.

  2. My penis is pretty smart too.

  3. Oh, shut up, you European genital that can’t even spell, “lol.”

  4. mmmmm genital scholars.

  5. Amandaz baybi wil 1 dai b runen dis cuntri, it’s so refreshin 2 c yung edumacated parints passn der smarts onto d nex generatation

  6. Europe is a continent, not a country.

  7. spuds, you complete me

  8. Amanda = GED, and most likely 16 and pregnant

  9. America learned to break away from the country of… well one that’s in Europe.

  10. I hate when lamebook does these multiple posts of 2 or more retarded people; it’s very disheartening.
    But now I feel better about myself.

  11. Blush*

  12. #7 – Gosh T2000, did you know that already or did you look it up?

  13. To be fair, a contender for the vice presidency of the USA, just four years ago, thought that Africa was a country, so T2000 is probably quite smart for a North American.

  14. Wait…

    Africa is NOT a country? WTF? When did this happen?


  15. Europe is fake.

  16. I’m just impressed that an American knows that Europe isn’t a part of the U.S. Travel truly does broaden the mind.

  17. I love you all.

  18. ^I can fix that.

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