Friday, April 20, 2012

The Last Sugar Puffs

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  1. TL;DR…also…yawn.

  2. Also…fake.

  3. That was annoying and unfunny.


  5. The T refers to my being a terminator. The 1000 is my series. The 1000 series is made from a mimetic poly alloy. Liquid metal. My mission: make lamebook fake.

  6. Shit staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain. Somewhere amongst your drivel, you are a hypocrite. Possibly even more so than MsAnne.

  7. Incorrect. I am not a hypocrite.

  8. T stands for twat

  9. Incorrect. The T stands for terminator.

  10. and 1000 refers to the width of your vagina, in inches.

  11. Incorrect. I am genderless. And incorrect. Use the metric system.

  12. 2500 cm..ish. Computers don’t use “and”.

  13. Seriously? Someone took the time to think this and even write it. Fucking hell.

  14. Incorrect. I am not a computer. I am a mimetic poly alloy with nanoprobes acting as thoughts. Thank you for using the metric system.

  15. can you salivate?

  16. No. I cannot produce bodily fluids..

  17. I am trying to picture you T1000 and all I come up with is Marvin the Paranoid Android. Only more depressing

  18. Imagine Robert Patrick and Randy Savage’s child.

  19. ^Do you require lubrication before you activate the sucking mechanism in your mouth or do you go at it dry until they cum? Are you capable of swallowing? I was just asking, swim wants to know 😀

  20. Comments are boring as hell…do you guys get it yet? Or does T1000 have to spell it out yet again??

  21. I hate sugar puffs. On a good day they’re just boring and have a cardboardey taste. On a bad day they make me feel sick, I think it’s the texture or the size or something.

  22. Hawkbit – be the change you want to see in the world.

  23. Hawkbit – ignore slug’s advice. people will just get pissy.

  24. What’s wrong with pissy? I thought you were kinda into that. My most humble apologies if I’m wrong.

  25. its still fun. but its like smack. you know how nothing is as good as that first high?
    well, pouring salt on the SLuG has been fun, but he’s really just a second-rate version of crusty, ya know?

  26. uranob

  27. hi crusty

  28. The girl in the 1968 planet of the apes is SMOKING hot.

  29. ^ …The female ape?

  30. funny how perception is, isn’t it? one person in the room imagines themselves pouring salt on a slug. another person imagines themselves forcing a crabby bitch to eat her own shit.
    there’s no accounting for it!

  31. well, opinion is divided on the subject.

    you seem to think you are doing well.
    everyone else thinks that you’re a tool.

  32. …except your tagnut, syndi.

  33. Hawkbit. If i were to refer to an alanis morrisette song, that would best describe what you just wrote in here.

  34. Msannethrop i think u are d only person here who thinks u are winning those argument! I think evry1 know u are a bitch!

  35. wow msanne, do you get to speak…for…like…the entire facebook community?
    what an honour

  36. thesre’s an ‘argument’ to be ‘winning’? ‘hey jackyboy88, every1 (ouch, it hurts to type like stupi) you know is a fucking moron. well, of course you all hate me.
    because i consistently abuse the fucking lot of you drooling cretins. fuck me, do i look like i want your approval?

    yeah, slug. i speak for facebook community.
    what. the. fuck.?

  37. ^haha!
    let this stand as a warning to others;-

    don’t try and hold the smoke in while you are typing.
    nothing good can come of it.

  38. oh so sorry msanne! i meant lamebook! must have been one of those freudian slip kinda things! you’re very clever at picking me up on that one and not seeing that i meant lamebook. well done.
    ya spastic.
    but you know, if you like, you can just act as a spokesperson for…well…everyone. oh wait you already do that!

  39. Thropper is a sociopath, she thinks everyone loves her. Poor gal.

  40. oh, i don’t want your approval, syndilou.

  41. That’s a sign of being a sociopath… :[

  42. Not wanting your approval is a sign of being a sociopath? Did Dr Phil tell you that?

  43. don’t let’s be in too much of a hurry to take ‘sociopath’ off the table.

  44. Wouldn’t dream of it, but could we please have a better “expert opinion” than that of the special kid from Batavia?

  45. Go back to that shemale porn you love so much, Thropper.

  46. ^cutting burn.

  47. It rocked me to my core.

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