Friday, April 20, 2012

FTW Friday!

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  1. Sssssssssstttttttteeeeevvvvvooooooo



  4. You are all fake!

  5. stfu stubby you little cunt. Steever has been more consistent than any other fucker here. The fact you jumped on him just hours after MsAnne tried to belittle him (kudos Steever for ignoring him) is just fucking humiliating you little brown nosed.. willy wart.

  6. Yawn, whatever arse-clown… you sure get worked up over nothing. Yell at the TV much, you fucking colon cowboy?

  7. !st one really made me laugh for some reason

  8. 1st one is somewhat clever but Blake claims it said dark marks, not dark mark. I only see one. I demand a second dark mark.

  9. crusty, you tragic bitch, are you handing out rimjobs to morons because;- “Steever has been more consistent than any other fucker here.”?
    Well, i eat right and my stools are always pretty consistent. gonna pin a medal on them, too?

  10. Your stool is only consistent because it is constantly being pushed in and compressed by dudes..

  11. #4… think the use of “willy wart” took away any credibility you may or may not have had previously.

  12. is typing your pathetic name with far too may vowels, capslock no less, how you try to distance yourself from your distinct lack of wit?

    it doesn’t work. you just look worse.

  13. I also eat right and my poo is also consistent. To medalise people for their toilet habits is just silly, you so silly! Anyway, I didn’t offer Steever a medal so stfu you penis.

  14. no medal? just the rim-job?
    i see.

  15. bollocks – forgot that bit

  16. it’s the attention to detail that makes a retards’ day.
    it’s why they feel safe in this sanctuary.

  17. Hey, let’s get to the topic at hand. To the moron who thinks TMNT wear masks to hide their identity ? NO, IT’S TO DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN THE FOUR OF THEM. WITHOUT COLOUR CODING WE WOULDN’T KNOW WHO’S WHO . I HOPE YOU KNOW YOU REALLY MESSED THAT UP , MAN.

  18. Turtle Power

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