Friday, April 20, 2012

Chad is Dead

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  1. Quite.
    By all the haters paying so much attention to the bands, stars and singers that are apparently not good, they just call the Universe’s attention to them. My Cod. Can you not just leave them alone and spend the same amount of energy appreciating the bands/singers/stars you like?
    Or maybe just stfu if you have nothing nice to say.
    Or nothing funny even

  2. I just LOLed until I shit my pants 5 mins til a major interview and now I’m going to file for bankruptcy

  3. I await what I call the “golden post” it will, at a minimum, include references to nickleback being crappy, bieber being gay, Michael Jackson touching children, Whitney Houston smoking crack, and women who need to get to a kitchen and make

    Bonus points for somehow including timeline or a series of unfunny and progressively annoying puns.

  4. What’s the vinegar and water thing? I’m sure that’s funnier than the whole jet ski garbage. The bar’s wasn’t set too high for that though.

  5. I like nickleback :p

  6. I believe he’s referring to vinegar and water douche that used to be quite popular.

  7. So tecko, you do realize that your post is doing exactly what you are telling other people not to do, right?

    Also, if you’re looking for people that have nice things to say, they’re rarely in the comment sections on any site.

  8. Incorrect. This is fake.

  9. Le, you do realise your name is just two letters, right? Gimp.

  10. Le I don’t think I am hating. I don’t hate the haters, I only heavily dislike making fun of others because everyone else is. None of the people I dislike for whatever reason have any effect on me, so I do not understand the need for people to do this.
    As well, it’s not my first day on the internet but thanks for the advice.

  11. i disagree teeko. shit bands deserve derision and ridicule. hate is a strong word, but they are definitely worthy of my contempt.
    nickelback is just such a band.

  12. ^ But no one ever offers any constructive critique. They just say aw man that band sucks donkey donuts and they’re all a buncha gays and losers.
    It would be like me saying that MsAnne was a retarded dork, instead of saying that her wit and intelligence is obvious, but that I dislike her manner of using her/his IQ to only come up with the same vile swear words and boring “you’re fat insults.”
    See, makes a diff when you give a reason don’t you think?

  13. alright i’m going to try it your way! this should be fun!
    “nickelback are talentless, tool-wannabe, dicks…they are even lamer than this website”
    oh shit i fucked that up didn’t i?

  14. Many bands suck. I am over it.

  15. OK… Here’s some helpful criticism of Nickelback:

    1) How about writing songs deeper than, “I have a record contract so let me see your tits”

    2) Fred Durst is NOT a positive role model.

    3) Your lead singer should look into getting that dead poodle removed from his head. Spinal Tap wasn’t THAT cool.

    4) You might suck slightly less if you didn’t sound like Vogon poetry set to music.

  16. whilst i concur mightily, musings, i suspect you’ve gone astray in this exercise in much the same way i did.

  17. You’re all saying Nickelback are shit…yet having a masturbate about them…fools.

  18. well they are kinda pretty, crusty. can’t blame a guy for having a man-crush

  19. Teeko. It’s the fucking internet. Are we going to coordinate a sit down in a hotel conference room and bring nickleback in and write letters and then read them out loud to them , professing they need to stop sucking ? A fucking suck intervention ? No. You fuckhead, get over yourself , you’re not some type of internet Jesus here

  20. oh i dunno TTF, i think your idea has some merit. surely we should give it a try before we set fire to them?

  21. If I shut the fuck up when I had nothing nice to say, I might as well join the Carthusian Order.

  22. …and the world would be a much duller place.

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