Thursday, April 19, 2012

Naziing the Issue

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  1. Hurr hurr hurr so clever.

  2. ^best. comeback. ever.

  3. msanne, if i wanted my come back, i’d speak to your mother.

  4. ^ Ew, why would you touch the thing that brought this drunk, smoking, wrinkled fat bitch into the world? I can’t imagine it’s any lovlier.

  5. simple sydni – she sucks a mean cock.

  6. and you suck a mean cliché.
    you should question my sexuality next.
    because you two have really good material. i don’t know how you keep knocking them out like that.
    i love how i only have to type three words and you dogs start drooling.

    i don’t think what i’m doing is ethical. i wonder if i can still use the data?

  7. I already questioned your sexuality when you wanted to see my tits. Old lesbian bitch.

  8. I’m pretty sure MsAnne said she wanted to wear your tits.
    As earrings. Fabulous, dahling.

  9. i was thinking a seriously haute cravat.

    but the bitch is being coy.

  10. Oh my Christ who invited vincent back?

  11. can you imagine how excited i am that you’ve typed more than three words, thropadopolous? i’m fucking tweaking my nipples here mate…it’s hard to type!
    you’re funny. pretty much my first experience of the joys of interacting with you involved you calling me…oh…fat…and…gay.
    if its ok for you to abandon any ideas of what is funny and revert to the path of least resistance, it must be ok for everyone else, right? including me!
    so say hi to your mum for me!

  12. ^you suck at funny.

  13. ^LOL i love reading all of these play out as you get owned over and over

  14. *whispers* “i think her alcohol remedy has stopped working”

  15. *whispers* only stupid people think stupid things are remotely funny.

  16. back for more ownage, msanne? heard of teabagging?
    i invented a new form of it…called grindbagging….
    *grindbags msanne*

  17. ‘ownage’.
    because the king of dreary boredom says so?

    fuck that for a game of soldiers. i got me some gold tops.

  18. drugs, again, msanne? i suppose its a refuge for an unimaginative mind…
    i’m going to go ahead and quote someone else here, please forgive the lack of originality, the words fit so well that they really belong here –
    You stupid douchenozzle. You truly don’t fucking get it, do you? You poor motherfucker. You’re gonna miss everything cool and die angry.

  19. heh. kicked your ass, though, didn’t I?


  20. BorderlineDane

    I see how her life turns out…much like a bunker, shooting speed and taking cyanide

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