Thursday, April 19, 2012

That’s News!

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  1. This is fake.

  2. Haha Yes, because he looks so much like Bieber

  3. he was probably just going online ACTING like he was bieber and not actually showing his face……..remember the AOL days where many NSYNC impersonators ran rampant?

  4. No, but I remember AIM messenger and Johnny Depp impersonator!

  5. christopherlovet

    Oh wow. He must have been using that .gif to make girls think they were talking to him and getting them to do stuff.

  6. Young girls shit me to tears. One direction just left my city and all I saw on the news was young girls screaming and crying. What the fuck… If only they weren’t so hot and tight.
    Also, castration would be far less painful than getting your foreskin sliced off. Fuck that shit.

  7. ^Are you drunk or high today?? It’s all good, I am shrooming right now.

  8. Shrooming and on lamebook, you suck.

  9. 6 days sober. Relapse in 6 hours. Might cicumsise myself tonight.

  10. i’d totally ‘shroom on lamebook. half the crap comments might even be funny then.
    i doubt the posts could be improved though – they’re always pure excellence.

  11. I’ve never done it, but wanna try. Anyone in the Midwest?

  12. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Shouldn’t a Justin Bieber impersonator ideally resemble Justin Bieber a tiny bit?

  13. On the internet everyone is Justin Bieber.

  14. ^not me.
    fuck that.

  15. i mean, it would be fun on ‘shrooms, but no one over the age of 24 would even talk to you.
    and no one under that age is worth talking to.


  16. What if they’re bang on 24? I’m 24…i’d talk to you. Remember you can’t be too picky when you’re shroomin’, in fact, if YOU were shroomin’ you might come to like me. It could be the start of something beautiful.

  17. fuck man. the idiot system spends billions every years to convince people to give up their lovely drugs.
    but you’re way more effective than ALL the PSAs, methadones, cognitive therapy groups PUT TOGETHER.

    “Give up drugs or crusty will try and bond with you.”

    did you hear the sound of a million crack pipes being thrown at the wall in horror?

  18. …No. Must have been your drunk state of mind.

  19. Ye gads, sydni. What in fuck was ^ THAT?

  20. syndilou’s HIlarious humour.

    she so funny. make you laugh long time.

  21. HAHAHAHAHA cuuuunt

  22. indeed.

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