Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dear Eric

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  1. Im sorry Walt, but she came on to me. Apparently your wife has a thing for needle dicks….and I was there.

    P.S. Walt, does this mean I need to buy my blue meth somewhere else?

  2. Walt and Craig (from the last post) need to hang out.

  3. Eric is the one who knocks.

  4. Willing to bet everyone else knew what was going on the whole time. The husband is always the last to find out.

  5. Eric_rex


  6. Eric also got with Maria and Michelle, and possibly most of the 52 others.

  7. Chicks are sluts, show us a story where it isn’t the girl in the relationship whose is getting four dicks shoved inside her while the rest of the grade 9 gym class learns how to bukkake.

  8. ^^and likely Craig’s chicky too

  9. Walt, that sucks bro. I’ll start punching EVERYONE named Eric in the face just to be on the safe side

  10. ^ That’s mighty white of ya!

  11. Just how many big pieces of shit does Walt know…and why??

  12. Walt had my sympathy til he spelled ‘you’re’ wrong. Now I hope his friend fucks him too.

  13. ^FAIL/fake/fagg

  14. folk should really keep their gossipy cunt noses out of other folk’s affairs.

  15. Well, it takes 2 to Tango. And have immoral consensual sex.

  16. “…biggest piece of shit I know to date.”

    Why would you even want to date a piece of shit?
    Capn, would you kindly tell all the non-scat folk at home?

  17. Walt’s the bad guy here he’s been best friends with Eric for 20 years and he won’t even share his wife what a douche

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