Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Dwayne Mask

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  1. Ha! Awesome!

  2. toddvanhamburger

    That’s great if you want to look like a 90’s cartoon villain while you’re jogging.

  3. Sorry, I don’t see the Bane connection.
    But I’m pretty sure this is how Sub-Zero charges his Nano.

  4. fuckin’ skymall

  5. Skynet will destroy you with these masks!

  6. Same with Hannibal Lecter. Just chargin’ up the ol’ iPod touch.

  7. I am also out of the loop with the Bane connection like someone already stated above. Can someone explain?

  8. like that piece of crap is gonna work.

  9. I want an iPhone charger for my bike. Have those been invented yet?

  10. Hope that thing malfunctions and burns their fucking faces off.

  11. ^I doubt it would manage to generate enough charge to even singe your mother’s mustache. so, chill the fuck down, you stupid fucking twat.

  12. no wonder..why scorpion only removes his masked for fatality….

  13. ^ Douche.

    I’m sure the restricted breathing while jogging is a great trade-off for the extra 10 minutes of battery life to comment “fake/fail/fagg” on lamebook with. Assclown.

    Oh, and try turning over and getting the cord wrapped around your neck whilst you try to pull it off in a panicked frenzy at 3am.

    But hey, at least your battery will be charged.

  14. This, along with the toothbrush, may be the most useless invention I have ever seen.

  15. ^idiot

  16. They’re Cylons!

  17. toothbrush FAIL/FAKE/FAGG

  18. #13, nails. “…But hey, at least your battery will be charged.”

    are you willing to bet cash monies on that? ‘coz that piece of shit up there will. not. work.

  19. If they can find a way to charge my phone from masturbation, I’ll be able to talk forever!

  20. Now I know what he was talking about when he said “When Gotham is in ashes, You have my permission to die.”

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