Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday Wins

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  1. Jaime needs to listen to the song Ode to my Car.

  2. Is he offering his ass out for some quick $$$?

  3. Fake!

  4. Anyone else having trouble submitting comments, half of mine haven’t even been going through and showing up.

  5. I can only post short sentances, is there a limit now?

  6. I’m being censored dammit!!!

  7. Holy shit, I’ve figured it out! Everytime I spell out “T’s” name it censors it out…at least I think that’s what was doing it….tested on another thread…took out his name and it posted! That’s fucking weird…

  8. no. it’s fucking wonderful.

  9. How do you fit four gay men on a bar stool?

    Turn it upside down.

  10. What’s the difference between acne and a catholic priest?

    Acne usually comes on a boys far AFTER he turns 12

  11. Face, rather.

  12. lily. go fuck yourself. you are an unfunny piece of hackneyed, plagiarized shit.
    why did you think this was an appropriate forum to post those shitty, juvenile non-jokes? just what kind of mouthbreathing fucking IDIOT are you?

  13. ^Could not agree with you more, MsAnne.

    Can someone explain the first one? I have no idea what Chris is going on about.

  14. Frankie, imagine the sport of fencing. Now imagine the participants in wheelchairs. Now slash the tires and see how many of them can move. Chris, however, is about as sharp as the swords.

  15. Ah, of course. Thanks beatus. I got too fixated on the idea of blind fencing to even consider wheelchair fencing.

  16. Hmm…probably all of them, an attempt to be clever, maybe, but I’ve never seen a wheelchair with tires that held air. They were all made of a solid rubber compound.

  17. I actually did the same thing as Mike once to an extremely hot girl (I wasn’t as graphic though), but she actually saw it because a couple of friends commented on it. She didn’t care and thought it was funny though. In my stupid 15 year old logic, I thought this meant something, but no, I’ve talked to her twice since then, neither one lasting longer than five minutes. Facebook gave me such false hopes as a kid.

  18. carlosspicyweiner

    Damned mouthbreathers, they’re as bad as gingers. Bastards are everywhere.

  19. What’s the difference between a drug dealer and Ms?

    Ms. can wash her crack and sell it again.

  20. hah. wash.

  21. @Cow: So you’re a lesbian?

  22. It would be nice if they invented a way you could charge your cell phone via mouth breathing

  23. Capn, then you’ve only seen crappy wheelchairs. My sister’s has air in the tires, and they are very similar to road bike tires.

  24. Nails, what? I don’t get it. No. Are you saying I’m a woman? Good one

  25. Eh, you’re probably right, beatus. My experience with wheelchairs is limited to what’s in most hospitals and what cheap insurance covers.

  26. I think a wheelchair suited for offroad use would be pretty cool.

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