Tuesday, August 9, 2011


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  1. I’m DTF.

    Please help me.



  2. dtf = std. who woulda guessed eh j shore

  3. DTF might end up in STD… TRUE! xD

  4. Any girl that uses DTF describing themself, most likely is covered in STDs..

  5. “Themself” is not a word, Stevie.

  6. Oh I am sorry duckman, I thought the dictionary was correct when it says “Themself is a reflexive pronoun, being a reflexive form of they. [third person singular]
    used instead of ‘himself’ or ‘herself’ to refer to a person of unspecified sex:the casual observer might easily think “themself”

  7. Looks like someone just got Webstered

  8. Original Steeeever – that would hold water, if you didn’t say “girl” at the beginning of the sentence. Themself refers only to unspecified sex.

    I’m going to go back under my bridge and wonder why I wasn’t aborted with kitchen utensils now.

  9. Duckman is still wrong, though, because “themself” is a word, just an improperly used word.

  10. The form is not widely accepted in standard English. “Themself” is not listed in Merriam-Webster, the most accepted English dictionary. I’m sure you can find it and a lot of other non-words in some silly urban dictionary somewhere, but you’d still sound pretty stupid to use it.

  11. Them is plural, self is singular.

    We’m gonna go take a dump now.

  12. why can’t people learn to use ironic correctly?

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