Thursday, January 7, 2010

All In the Family






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  1. second.

  2. Seventh

  3. Andrew deserves credit for apparently being the only person on Facebook who isn’t openly hostile to his mother.


  5. “Crystal, honey… of course I know what flip cup is. In fact, one particularly raucous game led to your conception!”

  6. Is Chanel thanking the lord that her kid made it to 13 without getting knocked up? Could be a new record for the park.

  7. Well, our Chanel sure seems to be like the brand she was named after: classy.

  8. At the risk of sounding dumb I ask: What does flip cup mean?

  9. Some of the funniest stuff is when old people impinge (like me) upon youth. It’s the social equivalent of grinding gears.

  10. 13 and childless?? Way to set the bar high Mom.

  11. It pisses me off that I have to play detective and try to construct a sentence for Chanel that makes sense in English.
    It looks as though her daughter has already surpassed her on the common-sense-enough-to-get-through-life portion of the quiz.

  12. Flip cup is a drinking game in which there are two teams. One team stands on one side of the table, the other team stands on…well, the other. You have a cup in front of you filled a little bit with the drink of your choice. The first people from opposing teams chug the contents of said cup and then have to “flip” the cup, then the next person on their team can chug and flip. This continues until a team finishes first, thus being crowned the winners.


  13. Flip-cup sounds naff!

    Unless you have to do another shot if you fail to flip it correctly.

  14. So that’s what grandpa did with those e-diapers…

  15. Whoa, I didn’t know what flip cup was, but after reading about it from thatirishbean’s post, I think it deserves to be on bloody ESPN!

  16. 13 and childless – well done, it’s one hell of an achievement

  17. Well, Chanel was probably 13 when she had her child. So I’d congratulate the daughter on being less of a failure than her mother, but her name is Deairra. She might be 13 and childless, but she’s already get that against her.

  18. last one is a bitch

  19. Farmville pisses me off.

  20. The first one isn’t lamebook-worthy. That’s just a mommy-thing, I don’t think it’s embarrassing (and yes, I am aware of the fact that his mum probably doesn’t realize he’s hungover).

    And to Chanel: Wow. Just wow.

  21. andrew and his mom are quite sweet, but jesus christ chanel. to paraphrase, white trash are always trying to claim credit for shit that they’re supposed to do.

    and i reckon that crystal’s dad knows exactly what flip cup is. in fact i reckon crystal’s sister is probably called meth.

  22. Yeah Chanel, it’s all down to God, nothing else. Which of course explains your own motherhood at age 13, like “oh…hey…” already pointed out.

  23. Yes, Chanel, when you brought all your johns, er I mean boyfriends in and out of the trailer at all hours of the night . . . Go was there.

    When you left your little angel with that creepy dude that hangs out at the playground while you ran down to the corner to grab a pack of smokes . . . God was there.

    When your little darling was surfing the internet 24/7 and sexting with random pedophiles . . . God was there.

    Thankfully, cause it doesn’t sound like you were.

    Supermom = FAIL

  24. Can someone please tell me how Chanel’s daughter’s name is pronounced?

  25. I love how trailer trash name their daughters and pets after expensive, “classy” things. Chanel, Porsche, Mercedes … yep since your daughter is named after a mid range price point automobile, we are going to assume you have one and are in societies high ranks.

  26. Is Flip Cup anything like 2 girls 1 cup?

  27. @stanselmdoc
    I was wondering that too, but then I just solved the problem myself and decided to pronounce it diarrhoea.

  28. @stanselmdoc: At first I thought the poor kids name was pronounced like diarrhea, but then thought, nah, that can’t be right.

    @Lizard_King: No, it’s a drinking game.

  29. we call that game tippy cup

  30. Let us cut to the chase and name every child Namebrand Shithead

  31. Drinking games are getting too complicated these days. In my day, we had high-low and quarters and we LIKED it. None of this team game crap, or games that had to be explained first. If you can understand how to play the game, you aren’t drunk enough to actually enjoy playing it.

    Why must destroying your liver involve so many rules?

  32. Sensible Madness ftw.

    And wow, Chanel. Yay for todays youth.

  33. Regarding Chanel, to paraphrase Chris Rock “she isn’t supposed to get pregnant at thirteen, you low expectation havin’ motherfucker.”

  34. Does Mom really think her daughter will ever have the opportunity to become pregnant when she is named after a runny bowel movement?

  35. LOL The Doctor #33 i was thinking the same thing! maybe Chanel was knocked up at 13? i mean if i have a daughter and she makes it to 18 i’ll start the standing ovation but 13? girls still like barbies at that age, right? ;]

  36. I have been secretly seeing a 15 year old and 35 year old at the same time, My age is somewhere in between… is that wrong?

  37. Anyone who names their kids Sherria and Deairra should have a late^10-term abortion performed on them.

  38. Euhm slickjamesjik, Mercedes is actually a relatively common female name, existing long before the car. The car was even named after a girl called Mercedes, namely the founder’s daughter.

  39. What Chanel doesn’t know, is her crack addicted STD riddled daughter has already had 5 abortions.

  40. Doesn’t mean ’cause you’re not pregnant you’ve never had an abortion – @ Imamofo – Totally agree!

    This is sad… That this is what is expected of kids nowadays…

  41. HAHAHA One of the funniest entries lately

  42. I have to say Chanel doesn’t give herself enough credit :3 being a good mom ensures that too. Though putting the wrath of the lord does work until you get brains to think “hmmm to young for a babay!”


  43. 43rd

  44. Christ on a cracker

    I know how Michelle feels, parents are such fucking morons. Mine thinks he’s almighty and omnipotent and all that but can’t use bloody FB. That wanker…

  45. i love how my mum struggles with face fuck….. i would rather she was like that, instead of being a master at it.

  46. Wasn’t sure what Flip Cup was and afraid to google it in case it was nsfw. Thanks for the explanation thatirishbean.

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