Wednesday, June 5, 2013

All Puffed Up

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  1. Ergh. Stay classy :/

  2. Well she seems… um… mature enough to be a parent :-/

  3. Baby’s gonna have a hard life.

  4. Fucking dirty fucking tramp.

  5. Guys, relax, they’re menthols.

  6. Either that’s triplets or that baby is going to be the size of a ten year old.

  7. ^ Never seen a real-life pregnant woman, have you? I’m surprised at how smooth her skin looks still.

  8. Maybe she’s trying to smoke the baby out. And the award for Mother of The Year goes to…

  9. I’m certain that her previous babies were extremely large (7 or 8 lbs!!) resulting in uncomfortable labor. She is probably trying to manage these out-of-control birth weights. Heck, that cigarette is probably doctor’s orders.

  10. RobertSullivan

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  11. Ray Liotta's colon

    Im so ready to go come on, too. See ya at the next GOTJ.

  12. Look closely at the mid lower right, and maybe you can see the stretch marks.

  13. rainbowcubes87

    @Statutorylove 7lb or 8lb is considered an average and healthy weight for a newborn. My son was 7lb 11oz and was considered well within the normal weight range. (Sorry if you were joking about that part, I couldn’t tell).

  14. Kid Zombie – I am the proud owner of 5 month old triplets. My belly was that size at about 22 weeks pregnant. That is not a triplet belly.

  15. yeah it’s clearly the school system that failed and not dumb fucking cunt parents like this who resulted from all the self esteem horse shit.

  16. @14 Owner? Are you talking about puppies?

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