Monday, May 14, 2012

Am I Doing It Right?

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  1. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Glad he didn’t attempt a beaver shot

  2. Cunning_Linguist

    Being first doesn’t earn you a cookie.. but ^^ that comment does. ;)Hilarious!

  3. So this makes no sense to me. Why is this funny? I don’t get it.

  4. Duckface

  5. Not very funny, though.

  6. Fucking hell, heifer. I know you’re not overly blessed with intellect, but…fucking hell…how stupid are you??

  7. Fuck the Duck Face! If I were him I’d be more worried about the Cunts Bush haircut.

  8. I thought it was pretty clever. Too much tape, though.

  9. Wastey the Walrus

    the pic wasn’t bad, comment #1 was great, but I’m still laughing at evilcow… thank you, your idiocy brings me joy

  10. This man Won the internetz.

  11. How am I stupid for not knowing what a duck face was? Some of us actually have some semblance of a life, you know.

  12. ^liar is lying.

  13. It took me a couple seconds to realize….he taped that thing to his head.

  14. ^ Yep. I hope he waxed his eyebrows off during duckface removal.

  15. Cow – How the fuck have you responded to as many lamebook comments as you have, and NOT know what the fuck a fucking duck face fucking is?? Fucktard.

  16. ^oh, the heifer knows. it’s just being coy.

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