Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Games Girls Play

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  1. ^Why did you bother? It is too stupid to comprehend.

  2. shock and awe.

  3. so, they are keeping child labour until 2020 ? that’s fucking 8 years from now.

  4. do any of you even know where chocolate comes from? because it doesn’t come from free and democratic countries.

  5. ^there are no free and democratic countries, moron.
    (except Iceland)

  6. Iceland doesn’t even count as a country. 320,000 people?

    nice sidestep on the fact that chocolate comes from some of the worst parts of the world…if you thought blood diamonds were bad, consider BLOOD CHOCOLATE.

  7. I like BLOOD CHOCOLATE… aka, a delicious CHERRY CORDIAL!

  8. After reading these comments about chocolate and child labor, I’m now becoming depressed while thinking of the horrible state of the world. This depression is making me crave chocolate, which, of course, shoves me between a rock and a hard place. It’s a vicious cycle.

  9. what the fuck would you know about iceland, msanne? vitlaus kelling. fucking hell… let me tell you buddy, it isn’t that great anymore.
    can’t believe you get so worked up about this shit. if you don’t wanna buy lindt chocolate, don’t.
    trying to convince everyone/someone of corporate greed and cruelty is a pointless waste of time. most people already know, and those that don’t are merely wearing blinkers and will ignore what you say.
    apathy rules, and no-one’s gonna do anything about it, and that’s what matters.

  10. haha. ‘worked up’.
    wanna buy a clue, fat boy?

  11. no but i wanna buy a vowel!
    “can i buy an E thanks eddie”
    “yeh but these ones are a bit smacky, don’t have two until the first one has hit ya”
    you do seem a little worked up, msanne, that copy and paste stuff was a bit like…”whoah”…

  12. ^ That’s not how you spell “whoa”.

    And you, you fucking ostrich, go stick your head in the sand some more.

  13. i’ll spell “whoah” any way i like, you sycophantic little buttplug!
    being aware of issues doesn’t mean that you need to get worked up over them.
    some free life advice for you right there. any more and i have to start charing, ok?

  14. *charging

  15. Okay, so no one learned anything here? Wrong.

    The fuckstains who were of the impression that Lindt was a socially responsible corporation have slunk away and will think again before spouting their unlearned bullshit. Not everyone goes through life with blinkers on, only caring about the stuff that they have researched themselves. Sometimes you need shit pointed out to you by angry cunts like MsAnne.

    Getting worked up over issues is the only successful measure. Soft words in soft voices is the political and social equivalent of one hand clapping.

    You can keep your worthless advice.

  16. no, you’re wrong. the fuckstains you refer to will continue eating their lindt chocolate, having learnt nothing, or having learnt something and deciding they don’t give a shit anyway.
    if you’re so worked up about it, DO something. stop fucking talking on lamebook about it, for flying fuck’s sake.
    cut and pasting some shit about how a corporation is evil doesn’t change a fucking thing about this sad, fucked up, corporate-run world.
    trust me, i’ve been high up the chain in a very nasty multi-national…they fucking LAUGH at people’s apathy, OPENLY. the sepos come here on their oil and gas projects and LAUGH about the fines they would get from Aus’s EPA because it’s less than the cost of building the pipeline that would avoid the fine in the first place. you’ve got no idea what the fuck you’re on about, mate. i could tell you some stories that make lindt sound like they’re fucking angels. from personal experience.
    face it…every time you borrow money, buy insurance, fill your car up, do your grocery shopping, ANYTHING at all, you’re lining these fuckwits pockets with more money.
    trying to educate people on lamebook is hardly a worthy cause – your moral outrage isn’t worth shit unless you’re prepared to back it up with action, and you know it.

  17. When did I EVER say that education was the only tool available?
    Nice try, attempting to link indignation to inaction, you sorry excuse for an activist. Words excite passion and power, and it flows on from there.

    What the fuck do you know about me and my protesting activities, little man?

  18. ‘sides which, you’re attributing some sort of moral high ground to msanne that doesn’t exist. allow me to demonstrate my point:
    theory 1 – msanne trawled google to find info to support her argument so she could take her butthurt from another thread out on wordpervert and shit just flowed from there.
    theory 2 – msanne trawled google to find info to support her argument so that she could make people more aware and make the world a ‘better place’ by “exciting passion and power”
    theory 2 is such a fucking fairy tale that it’s laughable and rather reminiscent of dr seuss.
    oh…you protest do you…? oh…sorry i take it all back then! you’re really making a difference! good for you sweety! you keep that shit up.
    *laughs until it hurts*
    oh and sweety…? if you’re nice, maybe i’ll tell you sometime what i did to that corp i once worked for. makes your protesting look like the bullshit that it is.

  19. i really have to remember to buy some lindt chocolate now…BLOOD CHOCOLATE

  20. Save it, SLG. No one wants to hear about your boring life.

  21. you’re such a sad dick, slug.
    the text I copypasted was from an email I received from, well after I signed that ‘useless’ petition.

    how does that fit your projected self-loathing horseshit theories?

  22. i had lindt a about an hour ago only because of this thread…it was so delicious.

  23. Just one?

  24. it was a lindt candy bar…i had never seen one, and i might have gotten it just for the novelty…but this thread decided it. $1 at the register with the usual candy bars.

    it was smooth and sweet. i shall probably get another.

  25. ^I like your avatar. it suits you.

  26. seemed like too much effort to get an avatar. i can wait until it is easier.

  27. you wont last that long

  28. we’ll see about that, sweetheart…i lasted long enough to come back here, didn’t i?

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