Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Social Parenthood

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  1. Some people are so tetchy, you know? Characters like sababe just aren’t very memorable on their own, but when you try to give them a leg up into online significance, it’s all whining ingratitude and “but she started it!” hysterics.

    And seriously, I know you think sexci is, like, totes hilarious, but I doubt that I will ever yearn for her particular brand of celebrity. That kind off attention would be as welcome as a visit from my sleazy Uncle Frank.

  2. ^If that kinda reasoning makes you sleep better at night, then I’m all for it babes, but I am officially bored of you two now,so enjoy the rest of your day:-)

  3. ^sabababeevery time it stars getting interesting around here, you tuck tail and scuttle off. stay and play awhile.

  4. *starts. hmm…

  5. Nah, she’s bored. Queen Beige is bored.

  6. well, fuck. we must be pretty dull then.

  7. Dirtly little madam needs to learn to stop picking her nose too.

  8. laugh.out.loud

    @ 44… Interweb rule number 254…. when you are clearly losing an argument, correct someone’s punctuation, grammar, and/or spelling. That will turn you from a loser to ah… um… nope… still a loser.

    I anxiously await your reply… Make it good, you’ve been slacking.

  9. ^what are you talking about?…no wait, I don’t care.

  10. laugh.out.loud

    great comeback!!!!

  11. 4 exclamation points. clearly not too fucking shabby at all.

  12. @23 (MsAnne) – Don’t let her (sexci) get under your skin now! Remember what we agreed upon so she wouldn’t get under my skin any more?? I mean, you said it was a date! 🙂

  13. it’s interesting how you describe someone else as “creepily commenting on her every post”, msanne.
    can you see why i’d say that…?

  14. yes. because you’re pretty fucking mouthy (especially given your general lack of wit).

  15. the reason i say that, msanne, is because you’re a bit of a stalker yourself. you’ve done it to me on two occasions. i could do a big copy and paste job to prove the point but i really can’t be fucked, so let’s just call a spade a spade, and allow me to point out that you’re a bit of stalker nut-job yourself.
    that being the case, it seems a little inappropriate to criticise others for the same quality.
    but then, that’s never stopped you before so that’s cool. i understand. no really.

  16. no. I just love poking you with sticks because I’m a bully. and you’re a cunt.

  17. no. you just got butthurt the moment i called you out on your crappy alcohol remedy.
    there are also a number of other “issues” with your version of reality, my dear.
    1) you completely overestimate your effect on people. mostly, i find you a little ugly, at times, even a little amusing. your effect is negligible
    2) seems to me you don’t do so well in these exchanges because as soon as any stiff resistance is put up, you go as limp as your man’s cock, thus “bully” is grossly inaccurate. it would be more accurate to describe it as “allowing yourself to be bullied”
    3) in any case, claiming the title of a bully proves your ill-intent and establishes the fact that you are in fact, a pretty shitty, insecure person (which is what bullies are)

    i LOVE picking on bullies, msanne. i’ve smashed a few up in my time. just sayin.

    time for chapter 2!

  18. suuuuuure you have.

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