Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Urnival

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  1. This comment is going #1!!!

    I registered just to post that.

  2. You live that dream, smudgie! An Urnival does make for an awesome idea, just like the kind Bill Gates and the guy who invented turducken had.

  3. Gabe was stoned.

  4. ^I second that.

  5. crustylovelips


  6. I would rather eat your sisters pussy.

  7. If you’re lucky you might even FIND a snickers in there!

  8. More than likely all I will find is Crustys tiny acorn of a cock.

  9. I still dont get these ?????!?!?!!’m


  10. “cute midget chicks”

  11. ^i know. surely a tautology?

  12. Do an image search in Google for “urinal games” and you’ll find all kinds of different stuff that is out there.

    Be sure to have your safe-search on tho…unless ya wanna see some stuff that is REALLY different!

    NNTAWWT, of course.

  13. Wtf? Fuck you.

  14. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Whatever this guy is on, I will take a couple of cases.

  15. Don’t do it, Dukey. It might be fun for you, but consider the potential tedium experienced by your online friends. I’m positive that Gabe’s friend tally went down by at least 10 following that garbled mess.

  16. ^yeah, it was pretty fucking bad. I liked the trombonist onomatopoeia bit, though.
    that was swell.

  17. Just swell, Ms.?

  18. not really.

  19. Not really swell, or not really just swell? I mean, are you not just stoked or just meh?

  20. i’ve already forgotten what it was about. and i’m not gonna re-read it.
    so we have arrived at an impasse.

  21. Very well Ms., I understand. Ornery I may be, I’m well aware of your desire to be difficult, and that’s ok, you can’t help it, its in your jelly. If you chose to be agreeable and pleasant ALL the time you just wouldn’t be the same malevolent beast we’ve all come to know and recognize. So you continue on with your big words and snippyness, and I’ll continue shoving my dick in random peoples breathers

  22. impasse isn’t that big a word.

  23. Perhaps not, but besides the point, in light of the situation I opted towards making a broad statement rather than poking at the actual issue.

  24. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    When I visit the bathroom I just want to complete my business as quickly as possible with a minimum of fuss. But if you want a urnival, then you should be able to have one. It takes all sorts to make a world.

  25. If any fucking Oompa Loompa tries to blow a cunting trombone near me after I’ve just had a piss, he’ll soon find his brass instrument inserted into his very own Chocloate Factory..

  26. ^bwoamp bwoamp bwoaamp.

  27. ^ Right You little fucker! Bend over and show me your wind section…

  28. Ha! It seems I’m not the only one who resorts to filling holes in a fit of rage! Perhaps it IS a sufficient way of dealing with lifes humourous tirade!

  29. oh yeah. they musta loved you in the prisons…

  30. Quite the opposite, turns out they don’t really enjoy that kinda thing…so quit being mean to me, we both know how you really feel, now go make a meal out of those handmade chocolates you admire so much, it might make you feel better..

  31. unlikely, i already feel fucking awesome.

  32. Well, good for you Ms., that’s swell. I can now continue on satisfied.

  33. I would LOVE to have this guy on my Facebook! You just made my day, dude! <3

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