Friday, June 12, 2009

Tragick Luv Storey


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  1. lolololol, why do people think its appropriate to put their life story on facebook. they should all get aids

  2. And spell check!

  3. “Why would someone want a married women and her kids?” Especially one that can’t even spell “and” right?

  4. maybe the 20 lbs was a good thing…fatty

  5. What is a “soal”?

  6. I bet her soal ran away because it couldn’t stand her spelling

  7. peter’s right.

  8. Ugh – why can’t I see any of these pictures? None will load!

  9. lol Peter

  10. I don’t understand how to read this — am I supposed to read from top down or from bottom up?

  11. A herps upon Jon

  12. i cant believe that bitch lost 20 lbs in one day- she should switch to a diet of knives

  13. Wow, thats quite the weight loss technique. 20lbs in one day….

  14. Uncle Harry Feltersnatch

    It was probably just 20lbs. of diarrhea weight. No big deal.

  15. i bet she’d eaten him and he finally escaped.

  16. Dude your lame, dont publicize your weight loss, unless your making money for it. Then you can open your mouth and talk, but until that happens, just shut the hell up, everyone will be better off.

  17. Bordom Strikes Again

    Aw. She lost her soal… and apparently all her intelligence.

  18. Holy shit…I would have left her too. I can’t believe Americans who are born and raised in this country still manage to be such dumbasses that they butcher their first and only language this horrendously.

    Peter’s comment at the end is a fucking knee slapper, though. lol!

  19. “is everyone happen that help he walk away from me” is gold

  20. @ Uncle Harry

    probably lost the 20lbs from verbal diarrhea.

  21. Hon, usually younger men prefer experienced women in the sack and seeing that you can’t even type properly a coherent sentence; I’m sure he left ’cause you can’t give the poor guy a proper hand job. Shit happens…

  22. @Yari

    Seeing that “… you can’t even type properly a coherent sentence” gave me a laugh. Thanks for the irony.

  23. AND she lost her Skoal tobacco? Sheesh, it really is a bad day in the trailer park.

  24. @Sem

    Oh jesus, that was the first thing I’ve read on here that made me laugh for more than a few seconds. Hilarious. A+!

  25. Yeah, that was good Sem. Thanks for the laugh.

  26. her soal and life didn’t walk awat from her. they walked awat from the appalling spelling and grammar

  27. is it me or does her spelling gets worse after each status??it’s like reading someone trn into a zombie

  28. Depression is the best diet.

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