Monday, May 9, 2011

Not My Typo Tattoo…

More ink that stinks here!

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  1. TurkeyVulture

    Oh, wow. “Sweet Pee” got me. I laughed really, really hard.

  2. Is that last one the actual tattoo? It looks like just the stencil.

  3. Ya pretty sure the last one is the stencil.

  4. No, but seriously, I really don’t get the 1st one. Why is it misspelled on purpose?

  5. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @tamedshrew – Because he’s a douchebag who thinks it’s cool to misuse the word “ironic” and wants to anounce it to the world.

    I think #2 is fake. I’ve seen it somewhere before.

  6. MsBuzzkillington

    Sweet Pee! haha

    I think that this tattoo proves that if you show no regard for the consequences, you get yourself into some pretty crappy situations that you will end up regretting for awhile.

  7. If you have sweet pee it means you have diabetes. True story.

  8. That isn’t an “S” though, she put “Tweet Pee”. My name is Spencer so I do remember how to write that S (It’s really weird and I never liked it). That kind of mistake has to be on purpose.

  9. pandainspandex

    Totally off subject, but Spencer is BY FAR the best name ever. I’ve always loved it so much.

  10. laugh.out.loud

    Aren’t misspelled tattoos always spelled “wrog” on porpoise, umm purpuss, perpiss???… awww you know that I mean!

  11. @lexluther I thought that was a T as well.

  12. “sweet pee” is definitely the big winner. hilarious.

  13. Fitting? Yes.
    Ironic? NO.

    Would only be ironic if it wasn’t on purpose. “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

  14. Thing is, we all know already that people who misspell something as important as a tattoo are slightlyyyy dumb.. but we haven’t taken into consideration the tattoo artists?

    Do you reckon the tattoo artists genuinely can’t spell either, or just let them have their mistakes just for the shits and giggles?

  15. First one is very prophetic.

    Second one is hilarious and does say Tweet Pee.

    Third one looks like the poor cow passed out at a party with a group of people who really hate her.

  16. whatthefargis

    to those saying that’s a T, that’s definitely an S. doesn’t help at all though, it’s still says “pee” afterwards.

  17. ifitwerentformyhorse

    It’s a stylized S, but still an S. I took my cursive seriously.

  18. First one: probably misspelled it by accident, trying to cover his mistake by claiming irony. Looks no less stupid for it. So basically, hahahahaha loser.

  19. Roberto Benigni would have killed his son and then himself if he had to deal with da cow up there.

  20. Aaron is clearly a massive consequnt

  21. @Riverside Think both really – some probably are dumb, and some mean…

  22. Sweet Pee is hilarious!
    The third one is definitely still the transfer – let’s hope someone realized the mistake before it was too late. Or that they at least fixed the spacing between the words.

  23. The transfer can be easily fixed. The unfortunate creature it’s on, however, is another story.

  24. “but we haven’t taken into consideration the tattoo artists?

    Do you reckon the tattoo artists genuinely can’t spell either, or just let them have their mistakes just for the shits and giggles?”

    We have. Many times. Tattoo artists have to do what the client tells them. Often in times like these they have the customer write down what they want and attach a waiver to it (signed by the customer) that this is EXACTLY what they want, EXACTLY as they wrote it. I’d totally do it for shit and giggles as long as I had that release. But trying to correct them gives the artist liability if they happen to be wrong. It’s easier and legally safer to simply have the client state it and sign the waiver.

  25. Oh and I’ve seen far too many “Sweet Pee” tattoos, but it still remains one of my favorites.

  26. “diabetes”, “the poor cow”, “unfortunate creature”… LOL… I love you guys.

  27. Coffeemakesmepoop

    I read it as Tweet Pee… then I read the comments and so I googled tattoo cursive and came across Brock Script…. Interesting how close Brock Script’s S is to T.

    Now my question was it meant to be Sweet Pie or Sweet Pea?

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