Friday, August 2, 2013

Amazing Mess

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  1. No you fucking won’t!

  2. That would be epic if he did thou!

  3. And when you do, I’ll turn on my windscreen wipers and listen to you sing it in falsetto.

  4. ^^I think I mainly come to lamebook because the comments are almost always more amusing than the entries.

  5. ^Do you think it’s possible to have a website that posts comments of a post?

  6. they might mistake your cock for a mosquito

  7. Glass gets extremely hot where I live, which makes me want to honk at everyone dude to see if they are dumb enough to do this.

  8. Don’t forget to cup(holder) the balls.

  9. #2 Using “thou” in the way you did just sounds silly. Go ahead, say it out loud. I think you meant to say though, though, and mistakenly used it as shorthand. An example of proper usage would be…”Why dost thou attempt to berate me, knowing that I do not care?”

  10. Why dost thou attempt to berate me, knowing that I do not care?

  11. dingoateyourbaby

    this dude’s a liar!

  12. If it takes more than 2 seconds to start moving your car through a light when it turns green then you are the fucking problem. Pay fucking attention when you drive and stop being an ass hole then maybe people won’t have to honk their horn to get your sorry ass moving.

  13. Hey Friendzone, it says “.2” seconds, not “2 seconds”. Pay fucking attention when you read and stop being an asshole. 😉

  14. Good job LamestBooker! You did it!

  15. I saw a woman (who was driving like a crazy person) honk at a guy 0.2 seconds after the light turned green. He then proceeded to drive extremely slowly, effectively blocking her from getting onto the highway. He then proceeded to flip her off. She then found it prudent to go for the long honk. I found the whole thing amusing, except for the part where I was behind them and also trying to get onto the highway.

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