Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Determined to Change

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  1. Your words are dripping with condescension, and I doubt you kept it from your face as well as you think you did.
    And your advice is trite, ill informed and destructive. The world would be better off if you and your cheerleaders kept it to yourselves.

  2. Reposters gonna repost.

  3. Screw you, bleeding obvious! I think this post is inspirational! I hope (somehow) the hard at work person who’s trying to better themselves will hear about it, and be comforted.
    And negativity..bleedin..is like preparing poison for your enemy..then swallowing it yourself!

  4. To the imbecile trying to think at comment 3 today:

    You, whose brain can barely hold two thoughts. You, who keeps to parroting glib motherhood statements collected from shallow entertainers. You, who’s swallowed the intellectual tripe broadcast on The Biggest Loser and Oprah.

    There’s something you should know: You fucking rock.

    Every shallow thought you make, takes twice the the effort of mine. Each argument you make, however poorly considered, you’re paying off the debt of another episode of Dr Phil, another silly diet you’ve advocated, another stupid exercise program you’ve spent thousands on. This isn’t your first day trying to think. You’ve started a journey that lasts a lifetime, and you’ve started 3 months before your New Year’s resolution kicks in.

    Feeling inspired yet? Or is it only fat strangers we should be trying to “comfort” over the internet?

  5. I’m pretty sure “nothing but respect” would be more credible if not referring to the subject as “fatty.”

  6. 20 degrees?! If that’s Fahrenheit, then it’s stupid to be running around in that weather. If it’s Celsius, then it’s not a huge accomplishment.

    I just realized that it said “outside”. Is this an indoor track with bleachers on one side only? If so, then 20*F outside would make sense.

    And know I feel like an idiot for trying to make sense of this post.

  7. I want to punch this condescending idiot.

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