Sunday, October 9, 2011

An Elephant Tale

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  2. Keagan… what a sad name. I think if my parents named me Keagan I might also be a bitter, stench-absorbing P-trap.

  3. I laughed. Though on my second reading realised that instead of “the man”, it should be “him” or “Peter”. One must fully commit to these things.

  4. And “the Chicago Zoo?” Do some research for your shitty stories, P-trap.

  5. Walter, why should he? It’s not like the people who write ‘heartwarming bullshit stories’ ever do. Or MOST don’t anyway. I recently received a touchy-feely from a female friend who is a notorious sucker for that crap and the damn thing talked about an incident at a Chik Fil-A on a Sunday after church. Unless the writer was a Seventh Day Adventist they weren’t at Chik Fil-A on Sunday because it’s closed.

  6. *Weren’t at Chik Fil-A after church, rather.

  7. This has been around for, like, ages.

  8. Tofu, I’ll explain why he should in more detail later. I’m just a little busy right now trying to take my daughter’s pet ostrich for a walk around the New York Museum.

  9. Hahahahaha this made me laugh so much

  10. Why is this funny? A man is dead. Don’t you people have any humanity?

  11. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Humor differs between nations and nationalities, what’s funny to an Afghan could be horrifying to an average American. I my country we laugh about elephants that kill humans. We also like pictures of grotesquely spreadeagled midgets but only if they defecate in a Trumpet else it is sad.

  12. True. Afghans for example like to have small boys in dresses entertain at parties, then have sex with them, and marry prepubescent girls against their will, and flog women in the marketplace if they go outside the house.

  13. I guess technically I was thinking more about Saudi Arabians.



  15. stoma…I hate trumpet abuse (that’s why i hate Chris Botti).

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