Tuesday, October 18, 2011

An Off the Wal Greeting

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  1. That didn’t happen.

  2. it probably happened one time, but not to him…

  3. Vincent_Valentine

    Either way, that story was a win.

  4. Well no, if it didn’t happen to him, it’s not a win at all.

  5. It didn’t happen to him. Just type it into Google and it shows up on a bunch of different sites. Like this one that was posted in 2009… it’s just some generic joke going around the web.


  6. Vincent_Valentine

    @4. I didn’t say he won.I said the story itself, regardless of who it happened to, was a win.:)

  7. The story is hilarious, regardless of how it started.

  8. Is funny like chicken

  9. People who take someone elses joke and pass it off as their own are assholes.

  10. win7ermute. Yes.
    however in cases like this where the original author probably died sometime in the early 1920s, whose joke should they pass it off as?

  11. So once a joke has been told it can never be told again. The original teller has exclusive rights?

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