Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Another Level of Road Rage

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  1. Reminded me of old Rose in Titanic, when she starts telling her story: “It’s been 84 years…”. He could have told that story in less words.

  2. Don’t talk shit about Canada unless you want to get shanked with a wickedly serrated knife!

  3. At 1st I thought she might be a Saffer since I thought Kauai was local but the Canada comment threw me off. We wouldn’t mock Canada, only Poms, Aussies, Kiwis, Zimbos, Swazis, Nigies, Camos and people from Ventersdorp. And who would go to Kuaui for a coffee, or go there to begin with.

  4. Hmmm… digging powder with a knife while driving with a maniacal grin? The other driver probably thought she was snorting lines at the traffic light. I’d be nervous driving nearby too!

  5. the fact that this happened post-workout is the most important detail.

  6. I wouldn’t say she was a badass; the word “creep” is what I think she is.

  7. So she’s flying down a stretch of road in heavy traffic while scooping cream with a sharp knife into a full cup of hot coffee.

    And women wonder why men hate their driving.

  8. Why tell this short, pointless story in 4000 words, but abbreviate “utter mare”? Unless she’s actually referring to a horse?

  9. ^coz she like totes didn’t wanna bore us with the deets

  10. MattP_SA, you are missing out. Kauai make one of the best Cappuccinos I’ve had. But I can’t speak for the Ventersdorp branch.

  11. Total. Fucking. Bell-end.

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