Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fat Problems

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  1. I’m almost certain this was a C&H comic.

  2. It was not.

  3. They put it in quotes, which means it’s a quote from somewhere. Maybe it’s a quote from a C&H comic.

  4. Fast Fact: Making fun of fat people burns 300 calories an hour. If you walk briskly while you do it.

  5. It is not from C&H. Neither quote is from C&H.

  6. C&H – Pure cane sugar – from Hawaii. Too much of it will make you fat.

    Wrong C&H?

  7. At this time, 47 fatties disapprove.

  8. ^ nope that’s 100% right

  9. I got 99 problems and obesity is one of them

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